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  1. Practically new. 25 shots or so. .177. Nc star scope. The rifle only is 299 at gander. The scope and mount were almost 100. Asking 200 which is 1/2 price and a steal so do not low ball.
  2. Finally made it in to the new store. It is very nice, clean, and bright. The carry a decent inventory. The guy who runs the place is very friendly. Support our local businesses!
  3. If somebody was looking for a nice one there is one listed the HSO list classifieds
  4. Flushed 4 hens and three roosters today on public land in so. Minnesota. My dog was great. My shooting is suspect. Well, worse than that. What are you guys gonna do during deer season?
  5. Anybody have experience with these? Looking for feedback.
  6. I use a Marcum and it is a great unit. I will tell you - my fishing Buddy has the Humminbird ICE 55 and I think it is the nicest unit on the ice.
  7. They are replacing it for me. I suppose it could have gotten smashed, but it was in the jrs padded rod case inside a padded rod bag. Good folks up there in bemidiji. Good product. Good service.
  8. FYI- northland has very good customer service.
  9. I really like that the yeti is made in Brandon, mn.
  10. portageman


    I have used everything from cheap ht combos to Thorne brothers sweetheart. I actually like the $30 combos best. I don't feel bad if they break.
  11. Bought a team northland rod at the end of last year. I have used it twice. Pulled it out of the bag (and ot of the rod slick) and the tip was broke. Of course i dont have my reciept - i bought it last year. Anybody else have trouble? How is northland to work with? Think they will replace it?
  12. I was going to buy a meatstick... another customer at the store said not to buy it because he had trouble with the tip. I thought these things were supposed to be cats a$$. Anybody else have problems? Thoughts?
  13. Anybody used them? Opinions? I saw the ht polar fire series at a local bait shop and they actually looked nice. Ht always made cheap stuff but the polar fire had carbon blanks and a nice reel. Wondering if anybody has used one.
  14. What is your preference for rod power /action and length for walleye. Mostly using spoons and chubby s. jig now and then.
  15. Best ice line for walleyes - let's hear yor opinion
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