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  1. Caught on a Kanebec county lake.......
  2. When they ask me I always tell them in"tennis shoe" lake. Then thee ask where that lake is I tell them across the road from stocking lake. By that time they usually get the point B.H.
  3. My question is how long do I wait to vacume leaves, after I fertilized w/my fall fertilizer (Scots winter guard). I worry that when I vacume it will pici up the fertilizer I put down. It has rained about 1 inch since I put it down. Any thoughts? Thank You B.H
  4. I have put alot of my pictures 0ver the years on C.D.s. I download them on my pc and burn them on a c.d. Now the problem is I can play these c.d.s on my computer and look at them. But when I put them in my c.d.player and want to watch them on my.t.v. It says this c.d. player will not accept these c.d. I burn them on CD-R discs. Any Ideas?
  5. This time I will hopefully get a picture of "Rush" on my posting. It looks like he is pointing to a bug or something.
  6. This is "Rush" my 4 mounth old GSP. Could he already be pointing.
  7. Tbis is my sunfish mount from pelican lake in wright county.
  8. I use the uploading tool right abovewhere you post your message. It the one with the blue arrow going up.
  9. I have a strikemaster auger for sale. It has a . new 8.25 inch bit. I am asking 200.00 or b/o. 1Here are some pictures
  10. I have a strikemaster auger for sale. It has a . new 8.25 inch bit. I am asking 200.00 or b/o. 1Here are some pictures
  11. Caught this beauty in the duck slue near monticello this afternoon
  12. Go outside and spred a big shovel full of snow on your dirty floor. With a push broom or squeegee push all the snow out.
  13. Todays dinner caught in my favorite Chisago county lake. [Note from admin: Your post has been edited. Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.]
  14. My Sunday dinner caught yesterday from my favorite Chisago County lake
  15. I have been trying to find the adjusting screws on my strikmaster lazer. I removed the air filter and looked but could not find them. Do I have to remove the gas tank to find them. Thanx. B.H.
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