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  1. Is it a Benelli? Mine did that 2 know i dont use barely any oil and its flawless
  2. I just got a pair of the HT Jokers. Boy those are nice gloves got oo use them for late season divers and they are 100% water proof and very very warm!!!!
  3. Um.... I hope not becuase there is a few around but nothing special I think the divers are yet to come.
  4. Do you guys think it would be worth my time to hunt ducks after school at 4
  5. This year i am painting a boat its an old crappy 12 foot alumacraft perfect 4 this years duck hunts. For some reason i had my uncle put a sweet fishin boat paint job on it so it has been primed and all that,my question is will i have to sand it in order to camo it and there is a stripe down the middle that is a decal and will i have to use a heat gun to take it off or just leave it anp paint over it and what is the best and cheapest paint.....thanks for the help
  6. Could someone please post a pic of these lures???
  7. They really are a great company. Be careful out on the lakes!!
  8. Your a good person for not taking for your self, I would be lost with out mine.
  9. The lake is Francis, and its a no go for the auger till next year. I guess it is kind of stupid with out but I guess I'll make do with what I have. I am hoping to get some big ones on the 4th.
  10. You could try the new st. croix triumphs. There a great rod and are only like 50 bucks. Or go a step up and get the preimer there 80 but alot of senitivity. If you buy a St. Croix you will not be disapointed
  11. Alright, after looking at some of the pictures on here of all the monstrous crappies I started to wonder,why do these guys catch so many of them? I went out today with the warm weather popped 25 holes(hand auger)waited 10 minutes and started to fish,I have all the gear you need,vexilar,st.croix legend,and euros. All I can catch are the little sunnies and a crappie here and there. I used a little atom optic stealth white pink with a glo nuggie still no biggens,used same hook with euro's still no biggens!!!! SOME ONE HELP!! TELL ME WHAT TO DO
  12. This summer im paintaing my 14 foot alumacraft camoflauge. We just got the boat 2 years ago,and it was in bad condition. So we fixed her up and put a nice fishing boat set of paint on it. Am I going to have to sand of the paint that is on there now? And what is the best way of painting an aluminium boat camo? thanx
  13. Im getting in shape for the ladies, and I'm wondering what the best protien is??? Right now im taking N O xplode but have had cell tech. Those are my favorite what are yours.
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