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  1. Wobbs, I hear ya... We were up there last weekend and noticed little sign as well. just one big rub... i hope from the guy in my avitar we came out of the woods saturday just as it was getting dark and looked down the road and there they were. 3 wolves running down the road towards us. They came within 200 yards and lost the game of chicken and whistled... they took off into the woods. Supprised they came that close. Large and scrawney sons of a guns. Maybe the delay of my opener will work afterall with how little sign there is up there. As always, if you drive by the corner, feel free to stop and have a beverage of your choice. Dustin
  2. Thanks for the update Bruce. My buddy has heard it from a number of us Congrats on retirement! I am waiting for the day to spend an extended period of time up there.... Only 20 more years to go or unless I win the powerball. whichever comes first Good luck to you. Dustin
  3. Unfortunately havn't made it up to the land yet this year but was wondering if anyone has been up in the Brimson area. Wobbler have you been up there lately? Curious to see if what the wolves are like up there this year. I will be heading up there the weekend of 10/22 to do some work. Unfortunatley my buddy is getting married on OPENING WEEKEND!!! I couldn't believe it either. Needless to say, my opening weekend will be 11/12. Hoping will hit the rut in it's prime this year. 4 weeks and counting. Can't wait! Tis the season where I find myself day dreaming of sitting in a stand.
  4. Looks like we have Zone 122 all to ourselves Good luck this year and be safe. Tic Toc, Tic Toc...
  5. I am not sure where forestry road is....
  6. yeah, I am looking forward to roughing it. I put out a few cams but will not make it back up there until opener. I will have to check them first thing. It will be like christmas I figured the wolves would still be in the area. Where is your camp again?
  7. you bet wobbler!!! I am counting the days. We will be at our usual corner just south of basset cemetary on 353 and hwy 16. Unfortunately we lost the luxury of my parents motorhome/bus My mother said enough with the 5 guys in there stinkin up the place. No more leather couches, satelite tv, microwave, etc.. I did find a screaming deal on a 1974 Forester Travel Trailer. Everything works like a champ - furnace, fridge (both 120v and lp), stereo, the whole 9 yards. It will be like hunting back in the old days which will be kind of nice change. We took it up to the land Oct 16th and left it near Hugos so we don't have to haul it back and forth. Had a camp fire every night and shot the sh*t. Didn't notice a lot of activity because it has been so dry up there. Did manage to see a few does while fixing some stands which is always a plus. We didn't hear any wolves howling. Have you seen any up there? The anticipation about this time every year just kills me Feel free to stop on by for a cold beverage of choice. I am sure we will have a fire going or something. Dustin
  8. Went out Saturday morning and shot 16 birds. Should of had more but the first few flocks we only got one bird out of the bunch. Took a while to warm up Had a great time as always with Top Gun Guide Service. We will be back next year. Can't beat heated pits and a great bunch of guys. I was a little nervous when we were setting up. There were groups all around us but everyone had plenty of shooting in. We did manage to get a canadian/farm goose mix. It was weird. Pink feet and all.
  9. sounds good!!! We are on Brimson/Toimi rd just south of 16. I have a hall pass until wednesday and that is it for me this year unfortunately. Kids are still young so can't leave for too long without coming home to the locks being changed
  10. Hey Wobbler, My uncle who now lives in Virginia has been out there the last couple of days. He mentioned all the leaves were down. also: "the locals verified lots of wolves, but are roaming (were south 2 weeks ago). He said he heard them howling a few nights ago, but there were some deer in his field this AM – and they normally don’t show when the wolves are around in numbers – maybe they are on the roam again. This morning I did see a set of wolf tracks on the road that weren’t there yesterday (or I didn’t see them), by the creek on the 44 side not 16. I don’t think the rut is on, as I didn’t see a lot of deer going to and from there (daylight, dusk, and dark) + I don’t think any were Bucks. It appears to me the Bucks are marking their territory, but the doe’s aren’t ready yet – Historically (8 yr MN study) the peak is the 12th, so it has time to get going." He did mention he noticed more and more scraps and rubs which is a good thing.
  11. Hey Wobbs, Good to hear from you! I am liking your report on the deer situation The guy at the end of cemetery road said that there have been wolves hanging around... a lot of wolves. Should be interesting to pull the trail cams. I hope the rain stays away! Nothing worse than sitting in a wet stand. We will be stopping by Hugos on the way in. Probably throw a couple back. The motorhome will be there on the corner thursday but we also purchased a pop-up camper so we might have to bail early from Hugos inorder to set it up. Hopefully get to personally meet you up there. If you are driving by the corner, feel free to stop in. If it is after shooting hours, we will have a cold one for you.
  12. Funny... I was just thinking the same thing. I was looking at the weather last week and it was saying snow, highs of 30, etc.. and now warm, warm, warm...(up north in the brimson area) That will probably change 10 times by then. Just hope it doesn't rain. I have shot a couple of nice deer when the temp is up there. A few years back I was darn near in a t-shirt when I took a buck at high noon. Tic Toc... Can't wait.... I haven't seen the count down clock yet
  13. I purchased all if the ingredients at Fleet Farm but you can go to Co-ops as well. • 1 part Di-calcium phoshate, this is a diary feed additive bought at feed stores Comes in 50lb bags – you need 1 bag • 2 parts Trace Mineral salt, the red and loose kind without the medications Comes in 50lb bags – you need 2 bags • 1 part Stock Salt, ice cream salt Comes in 50lb bags – you need 1 bag Directions: - Use a 3 pound or simular size coffee can to use as you measure for each part of the mix - Mix all together well but not until you are ready to use, keep ingrediants separate until then - Dig or tear up a circle in the soil about 36 inches wide and about 6 inches deep - Mix your minerals with the soil I personally have used this for 3 years now and you can't beat it for the price. I have some old stumps that I poured it on and the stumps are almost gone. Hey there is an idea for stump removal-hence my Avitar pic
  14. ddp


    went out with a guide last weekend on Superior... WOW was it fun! First time fishing 180 ft of water and Hand-Lines. Can't beat it. Largest fish being 16lbs. 10 fish in 7 hours. I am booked for next year already
  15. Oops, my bad Good to hear the birds are around!
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