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  1. I have only been on the ice once due to being out of state and that was to check to see if the Bird was working on Tuesday. I didn't have a tape measure, but I would guess it was around 12" of clear ice and 4" of grayish ice on Cross Lake. There was a 1/2 ton truck driving along the west shore directly across from the Army Corps of Engineers Campground. I have heard the smaller lakes in the area really suffered as they were frozen up prior to that 18" snowfall we had in November and then the rain/frozen rain we had in December. Some guys I spoke with were saying they experienced up to 8" of slush under the snow.
  2. Today was my first day back out on the ice after receiving a new transducer and the software update from Humminbird. I started off fishing in 14’ of water with a panfish jig with the gain set to 10. The signal response was great and really could have been turned down to 5. Just as a test, I hopped over to an 84’ hole and could easily see that same panfish jig and weight without any zoom with a gain of 18! I guess I just had a bad transducer from the get go. Anyways, I am very relieved. Thank you all for your input.
  3. They sent me an email saying that they replaced the transducer and updated the software. It is supposed to arrive on Friday. Hopefully that will be the fix.
  4. I spoke with Humminbird customer service yesterday afternoon. They seem to think the board may be faulty. Anyways, I sent it off a bit ago to Humminbird, so I should know in a week or so what the issue was. They are going to fix issue as it was documented last year and their suggested fix of the software update did not address the issues. In the mean time I will pick up a Vexilar or Marcum again.
  5. I am running the XI-9-1521 transducer in Ice Mode, Advanced User, and have gone back and forth between Manual Depth and Auto Depth. I have tried the different IR settings, cone angles, etc. I think I must have gotten a bad transducer from the factory. I have done far more troubleshooting than fishing with this thing. I am going to give Humminbird a call again a see what they think about the transducer and also the issue with the machine shutting down when changing views.
  6. I purchased my Ice Helix 7 Gen 2 last year and just cannot seem to get it to work worth a damn. I had to turn the gain up to nearly 20 to be able to see an airplane jig tipped with a minnow head last weekend on Red Lake in 12' of water. Even at that gain, it is not a consistent signal. I had it out twice last year with the same issue. I ended up speaking with Humminbird after the second outing last and they had me upgrade from the software version 1.83 to 1.90. I am still having the same issue. I have gone over and over the menu settings without any luck. The other possible issue I have is when toggling through the different views, the machine with shutdown after pressing the view button several times. Is that normal? Any ideas would be much appreciated. The only thing I can think of now is that I received a bad transducer from the factory as this has been the problem since the first time I had it on the ice.
  7. Forgive if this has been asked before, but has anyone made a homemade blade cover for an 8" Nilsmaster? I lost mine in transportation a number of years ago. The original one never did seem to fit properly. I am thinking along the lines of a plastic bucket of similar diameter.
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