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  1. You are very lucky and I hope you enjoy that trip!! It certainly does sound like a dream trip!! My wife always wants to go where it's warm some year I'll get her hooked on the salmon fishing I used to go out to Port Washington with a group of buddies in my single years, had a blast, been trying to talk her into doing it some year. She is always trying to one up me on the stream and I keep telling her you need to bring a salmon in!! Anyway, enjoy yourself and take lots of pics!
  2. I know what you mean, there are a few streams that should be interesting to fish after that flooding. Time to start tying some new jigs!!! 32 days left.
  3. Hey Randy, have you heard if the MN DNR are doing anything with special regulations on the streams that were effected by the Aug. flooding? Whether for the winter catch and release or for next years trout fishing season?
  4. I'm pretty sure we could do that. Now that the wedding is over, I should have more time for things like fishing!! ha ha.
  5. Only 34 more days till Winter Catch and Release!! My how time flies!!
  6. Hope you get all that you want on your B-day!! Enjoy your Turkey Day too!!
  7. I believe Tony has one year left on his contract with Gibbs, with them taking Toyota and Shrub on, I don't believe he will be with Gibbs much longer. I keep saying with the way this season has unfolded, NASCAR in itself, is one more bad decision from losing another hard-core fan. Could it possibly get any worse?
  8. Test http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb80/cburdick75/DSC00282.jpg?t=1183687215[/image] http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb80/cburdick75/DSC00283.jpg?t=1183687332[/image] http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb80/cburdick75/DSC00284.jpg?t=1183687376[/image]
  9. That is one nice Brown there. I had the same situation, didn't plan on fishing, but ended up hitting the stream Sat. morning. Must of caught the tail end of the feeding, ended up with 17 for a total. What a fun day! Nothing to brag about, but had a great time!! Had a few nice ones that would have been bragable, but couldn't coax them into a solid hit....The minute that sun burned off the morning fog, is when it seemed to shutdown. I was till able to pull a few out on the way back to the car, but nothing like earlier in the morning. It was just plain great to be out, should have went yesterday too. That is too bad about all that trash, glad to hear your tried picking up some of it. I came back with 3 pop cans and a reel that was busted. Why can't people take their trash out??
  10. Fish_Hunter


    1.) What is your favorite MN stream trout? Browns 2.) Do you target trout when fishing? Yes 3.) If yes, what kind of tackle do you use? Spin Fish 4.) Are you Male or Female? Male 5.) What is your age? 30-40 6.) Where do you live? SE MN Hope I'm not too late for your assignment. Good luck to you.
  11. Plenty of season for either of us to go the opposite way!! It is more fun at the top but can be a great challenge to work your way through the field too!! Good Luck Harvey
  12. I agree Harvey, That's what makes this so much fun, you really have to watch who you are using throughout the season and not burn out everyone right away. I was hurting bad with my drivers too, got lucky though sitting in the Top 10 yet!! Lots of luck needed to stay at the top!! I'm just happy the season is started!
  13. I have to agree with you on that. I do believe that Smoke has #3's manual in the glove box!! That to me is talent, I also have to give Kyle a thumbs up for hanging on (not a fan of his by any means). I don't if there is many drivers out there that would be able to pull off the bump and run as Smoke did without completely spinning the other guy out. Some call it aggressive driving I call it RACING!!
  14. We all know who will take the Pole.... Stewart of course, he is due, not even worried about teh Toyotas out there!!
  15. Thanks for the welcoming Gentlemen, this is gonna be great!! I did this last year with only 15 people, so this is going to be even better. I'll warn you though, I did finish in 3rd so I think I know what I'm doing.... ha ha ha Rubbins racing Right!! You do all know that Smoke is the new intimidator!! and that's what intimidators do, intimidate!! Thats' racing as they say!! Can anyone tell me why Little E. didn't get the old mans talent?
  16. I'm in as well, Hope you guys don't mind. I usually had my own group, but this will be even more fun with this many people!! Good Luck to you all, remember you can't use Tony Stewart every weekend!! ha ha
  17. I would sure like to see him do a little better than he has. Although I know Tony will be looking for another championship himself good luck to ya!!
  18. That's a great Photo... does kind of look like him!! ha ha You know now that he has a woman, he's been shaping up!! Big Boy will probably can him!! Hopefully that doesn't effect his driving skills!!
  19. Thought it would be in some good humor. I know my boy Tony Stewart isn't one of those you are talking about though!! For as many times as I have been on this forum, I never thought of looking under the NASCAR one. Always just the fishing. Hope everyone here is good hearted about a little ribbing now and then. Anyone else getting excited about the next season??
  20. Looks like he might have weakened his wrist trying to open the bottle??? Or is he soiling himself?
  21. After reading more about what is happening up North on the streams just wanted to let you all know I will be steering away from the streams, I can appreciate the need to keep our resources healthy. I will stick to the Lakes!! Thanks again for your help!!
  22. Hey thanks for the info guys, I am really looking forward to checking it out up there. It seems the water is low all over the state then. I will be sure to stop at the Bait shop.... Thanks!!!
  23. Hey guys, my girlfriend and I are heading up to Lake Vermillion in a week and a half for a guided trip I won at the Trout Day 06 in Forestville, (Thanks again to Wagner and all those involved). We are planning to make a week trip out of it and was wondering some good places to hit for Trout and Chinook Salmon around the Two Harbors and Duluth areas. I picked up a Northshore map which helps, looks like there are a ton of streams to hit. So to try to reduce the amount of drive time to find the good ones can anyone lead me in the right direction? It looks like there is plenty of private land on just about every stream, I don't lose time tracking down landowners, unless anyone knows some contacts I could call. I don't care if they are Catch and Release streams just some good ones to have a little fun. In addition, I do a lot of trout fishing down here in Southeastern MN and was wondering if I need to switch my tactics at all up there? Like bigger spinners, heavier line, or any other techniques? Are there any special regulations as far as the Salmon are concerned? Any info. would be greatly appreciated and I am more than willing to take someone out or, help them out if they make it down to my neck of the woods!! Also we are looking to do some camping instead of hitting hotels and I know there is a lot of State Parks up there, but does anyone know of some reasonable places to camp don't need much just a place to pitch the tent?
  24. Fish_Hunter

    Trout Day 06

    Jim W. I just wanted to let you know I have booked my grand prize guided trips on Lake Vermillion from Trout Day 06 with Terry and Cliff last night. I am really looking forward to getting up there and doing some fishing with those guys. They were awesome to chat with and have really helped me out in planning my trip up there. I did manage to get the second week of August out of them and hopefully the bite will be good at that time, usually it is at least for the wallies!! Just wanted to thank everyone once again for such a great time at Trout Day 06 and looking forward to attending next year!!
  25. I make the trek from Roch. area to Oakdale to Roch. area during the week and I have seen cars parked in between the lanes on Hwy 52 closer to Cannon Falls, I realize this is not the Vermillion River, which I have wanted to stop there and try as well, I also don't think it is the Cannon River where I am talking about, it is actually the stream right before you come to the stoplights in Cannon Falls heading south. Does anyone know if this is legal to park here? I am also wondering if anyone knows what stream it is and what they are catching out of it. I see the same car parked there possibly 2 - 3 times a week. All this talk about the Vermillion I may have to stop some night and check it out!! Anyone use any jigs out there for the trout?
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