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  1. Bulldoggr

    Any reviews on the Eagle Claw inline reels?

    I have experienced that same problem. I have discovered if I place my pinky finger along the edge of the spool I can control the line coming off and preventing it from back spooling. That said and I am used to this method, I have found I enjoy using these reels over my open face reels.
  2. Bulldoggr

    hydraulic upgrade

    I have a 2011 8x16 Spirit. I thought about the electric winchs . I found a model I like for 129.00 each from Northern Hydraulics that are rated at 3500 #'s. But after I thought about it more, cables still break! so I kinda would like to go Hydraulics. I know hydraulics have hoses and they could burst. but I like the idea of hydro.
  3. Bulldoggr

    hydraulic upgrade

    I would very happily spend 3 to 4 K to do the retro fit. even though my Ice house is emaculate, it would cost me less to do it this way to trade it in on one that has hydraulics
  4. Bulldoggr

    hydraulic upgrade

    Can anyone tell if they know where I can take my ice castle and upgrade my manual winches to a hydraulic system. I hope this is not against the rules of the site , for me asking the question
  5. Bulldoggr

    Big Volt Auger

    Bought one last year for use in the Ice Castle. It works awesome. With an extension on thick ice conditions I would lower the house half way down. Then drill the holes. I have a slush bucket. But I like to use some of slush for sealing up around the hole. Along with sleeves for the house I can get a nice seal. Best part is no fumes in the house and super quick an ez to hook up to one of the batteries in the fish house.
  6. Bulldoggr

    Who summer camps from their wheel house?

    We have. we have a portable AC unit and exhaust it out the window of the bathroom. We use one of those portable awnings that you see vendors use at outdoor markets or Grad parties. Use the outside grill and have a table set up for a make shift outside kitchen. Who cares what others think! Use it as is and enjoy it. I see more and more people using theirs and they don't seem to care what others think as well.
  7. Bulldoggr

    Killing record fish

    People out here in CO refer to Minnesota as "The Land of 10,000 Laws". I thought that was pretty funny because we do have a lot of laws!
  8. Bulldoggr

    2.0 cable

    2.0 cable I used to do mine was the cable that came with my Garmin GPS. The one that allows me to upgrade the Garmin from my PC. I have a Garmin Nuvi.
  9. Bulldoggr

    12v augers

    I bought a 10" big Volt by Strike master. I use it for cutting holes in the Ice Castle. However when I am outside and drilling holes and hole hoping, structure hoping I have an Eskimo Z71 shark in a 10". If it were not for the fumes from that I would not have had the need for the electric one. I like my Gas Auger way better! I don't care about the weight, thats why I have an ATV and a Snowmobile or Truck. The Big Volt works well, just doesn't cut as fast. It still grabs pretty good when I am about to go thru the ice. Sometimes it even overheats when I get to the 5th hole. The circut trips on the auger and when it cools down enough I can hear it reset it's self. So for me the only reason I bought one was to avoid the fumes from a gas Motor. I guess it will come down to what you prefer and how you use it. That is what matters, not what anyone else tell you you should get or use.
  10. Bulldoggr

    Spray Foam

    there are several companies that will do it. just type in Spray Foam insulation in Minnesota into a search engine and you should be able to find one from there
  11. Bulldoggr

    Spray Foam

    That is true, for every 100,000 BTU burned it puts a gallon of water in the air. So those non-direct vent heaters no matter what you use for insulation will cause condensation in a house. Spray foam is in the long run is the better way to go, and it will also save you on energy costs as well.
  12. Bulldoggr

    Spray Foam

    don't want to get into a p.is.sing match about this. but spray foam is not even close to the cost of foam board. reason I know this, I am a commerical Construction Supt. I am doing a project where we were going to use the spray foam. the value engineering of using foam board was a huge savings, and I do mean Huge! I reccomend the spray foam. it does 3 great things. 1. it insulates, and does it well. 2. it seals up everything and does act as a vapor barrier. 3. it gives extra rigidity to the walls, and ceiling. I had my floor spray foamed on my Ice castle, it is a 2011 model. I can tell you that even on the coldest weekends out I was either barefoot or had socks on while in the house. I have two small vents installed above each window above the wheel wells. they are the round 2 1/2" soffit style vents you can get at any home improvement store. I have them in so i would not have to crack a window. If you can afford it, do it. You won't regret it. can you get by without it? You bet, but the Wife/ Girlfriend or younger Kids will be much more comfortable. Foam Board Cost Foam board insulation is more expensive than cellulose and fiberglass, but it's significantly less than foam spray. According to This Old House in 2011, extruded polystyrene, a commonly used rigid foam board material, costs about 50 cents per square foot for a 2-inch thickness. Rigid foam board is energy-efficient, retains its R-value and resistant to water and water vapor. Yet it is also flammable and must be covered with a fire-resistant material like gypsum or plaster. Spray Foam Costs Spray foam insulation is often used for smaller projects, since it costs much more than other materials. Spray foam costs about four times as much per square foot as fiberglass batts, which run around 38 cents per square foot, reports This Old House. Spray foam insulation is hard to beat when it comes to R-value. High-density spray foam insulation, which has a much higher R-value than low-density foam, is resistant to water and fire.
  13. Bulldoggr

    Fish houses on the lake after removal date.

    yeah, it was kinda a tongue and cheek question. I know if you are occupying it then you are good to go. I actually didn't think the way they worded it though was clear. Besides all the Metro TV channels are telling the story that the fish houses have to be off, yet they never mention the part if you occupy it you can still be out on the lake in them. I for one and hoping we have a couple more weekends of being able to drive out with the ice castle. For me this has been a great year for getting out on the ice. we have been out every weekend scince Christmas. I am planning a trip up to LOTW on the weekend of the 22nd.
  14. I took this quote off the MN DNR Site. "■After removal dates, shelters may remain on the ice between midnight and one hour before sunrise only when occupied or attended." so does that mean an hour before sunrise I need to move my house even though I plan on staying in it for the day?
  15. Bulldoggr

    Best Braid for jigging big walleyes?

    I like the crystal Fireline for ice fishing. I am 50/50 on also using a Good Florocarbon leader. If I am using Jigging Raps or other jigs that could cause twisting in the line. I like to use the Floro with a barrel swivel onto the fireline.