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  1. what is this and is it good to eat? There were dozens of these clumps growing on a dead tree! [/url
  2. Nymph

    Pretty on the way to work

    this is great! love the red popping out of the picture!
  3. Photographed this young Red-tail yesterday
  4. Nymph


    Couple shots from the weekend.
  5. These are a few shots from this weekend.
  6. Nymph


    Nice shots Josh! Where did you see the Goldeneyes?
  7. Nymph


    Migration is in full swing.
  8. Haven't posted here in quite a long time.
  9. Nymph

    VR/IS for 75-300mm

    well worth the money
  10. Nymph

    St Cloud area camping?

    Looking for a nice place to camp a little north of St. Cloud. I will be taking some first timers and would like them to enjoy the whole experience. Looking for a nice spot to fish,swim and activities for young children. Any favorites out that way?
  11. Nymph


    These guys were out in full force on Friday.
  12. Nymph


    They are the coolest looking birds.
  13. Nymph

    Another one I can check off.

    Nice find. I have been keeping an eye out for these as well. I had seen one last year but haven’t been able to locate it yet this year. Congrats on marking another one off the list.
  14. I got a few pictures of this one today, at high noon, in the bright sun.
  15. Nymph

    ID please

    That would be a female Redstart.