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  1. Which one do you prefer to fish for? What different techniques do you use when focusing on smallies vs largemouth? Lures? bait? depths?
  2. This is the first time that I will be using a braided line. Do you guys tie your jigs directly to the braided line or do you use a mono leader? If so, why?
  3. What colors best replicate ciscoes? What color lures should be used when using this method?
  4. How long does the hatch normally last? About a week or so?
  5. TimC


    We have been going up to the boundary waters from the south for a couple of years now and have had great success with walleyes but very limited success with the smallies. I would love to catch more smallies this year and I am looking for some advice. Any tips you guys can provide that can help me get into more smallies would be appreciated. Thanks, Tim
  6. So about how long does it take for the bass to get really active again after spawning? a week or 2?
  7. Probably doesn't help you MN guys much but the Gander in Geneva, IL just got 200 chatterbaits in yesterday. You may want to hit your local shops again as it seems like a new shipment just went out.
  8. What about those days with little to no wind? I will be coming up north from Chicago in a couple of weeks and we spend all day on the water. Where should we focus our time when the day breaks and the wind dies down? Deeper breaks? Saddles? One of the lakes we fish does have an inflow with a near by weed bed. I thought this area would produce some nice fish but I have had little success in this spot. Thoughts?
  9. I go with a group of 10-12 every year and again, we are very competitive. We have put together a point scheme based on the weight of the fish. For example, a 1.5-2# smallie would be 1 point,a 2-2.5# would be two, etc. The point schemes are different for each species we fish, smallies, walleyes and northerns. At the end of the week we total up the points and the top two get the prize. It makes it fun and interesting especially when we get back to the cabin at the end of the day.
  10. TimC


    I am from the Chicago area and will be up in the BWCA in two weeks. I was just wondering if the smallies have spawned yet. Are they still on there beds or are they starting to move to their deeper spots? Can't wait to get up there. Thanks
  11. Just wondering if anybody has tried the Cajun Red line? Any thoughts? It is supposed to dissappear in clear water, so I was wondering if anybody has tried it in the BWCA.
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