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  1. The inside (prong) of the RCA jack is positive and the outside of it is negative.
  2. I have a recon that I bought new. I love it, but if given the choice I'd take the fishtrap. I think they are better quality. My material is looking kinda ratty. The recon is very light but I've never hauled a fishtrap to compare it with.
  3. Just curious - how old was your battery?
  4. Saw a bucket on the road a few years ago w/a nice storage seat & stopped & picked it up. Was pretty stoked @ my lucky find. I opened it up and there was a fishing license in it. White Page searched the name left a message w/my address & said it'd B by my back door. I saw a truck pull up the next day, he walked up my sidewalk, grabbed the bucket & left. Never knocked or nothing. Happy to the right thing but was surprised I didn't @ least get a thank you.
  5. I think I'm finally done messing around w/my 1-man. I have 1 standard taillight bulb, 1 LED (14 LED bulbs), & 1 computer fan on 3 separate rocker switches. Tested the draw 2nite & was surprised 2C that the 14LED lite (they're basically a low profile car foglite) draws less than the single std taillight! 50mA vs 200mA! The fan draws >162mA. Grand total of around 450mA. Am also gonna run a motorcycle battery & C how that works. Gonna start in on my 3man now. How RU guys wiring extension poles in flip overs? RU using coiled wire that stretches (zip tied or taped) when the poles R extended or RU running enuff extra INSIDE the tube so it doesn't pull out?
  6. Creek Kid

    wood tip down

    I emailed a guy I got one from last year. If he's still doing them I can PM you details.
  7. I've only used the fan camping and didn't run it long so I can't say how long it lasts. As far as buying commercial products I'm always a little put off by the prices on simple items just because they're in Sporting Goods (or Auto or Marine, etc). If my time's worth $0.30/hr I'd be miles ahead buying it. It sure is fun making stuff from junk laying around tho (kind of a pack rat). Here's anther pic of a free mod that works awesome & I don't think there's a commercial version of it. It's a 1/4 piece of a 5 gallon bucket lid. Fits perfectly under the bar brace and has a lip to boot. BTW the rod holder is PVC drain pipe to a sink.
  8. Just wanted to share a simple idea. I made a fan with an RCA jack hook up + a bull dog clip, that fits neatly around my bars in my frabill. I am setting my lites up like this as well. I switch components between my 1-man & 3-man. I used to have spade connectors but it was always a 50/50 guess in the dark. Just thought I 'd share & see what everyone else does in this situation.
  9. Havent been through many but so far Appledoorns on Mille Lacs is my fav. Not willing to try anyone else after staying with them tho either. Stayed @ a big name west sider and was very disappointed. Appledoorns checked on us everyday. Very nice & clean shacks. Fishing was poor lake wide tho. I'm going back.
  10. Let me re-phrase my question. Those of you who have shacks made out of plywood (whether they are skid houses or wheeled) and are insulated, did you use a vapor barrier? Do you get condensation on the ceiling? With trying keep weight down I want to stay away from 3-4" walls w/insulation in the middle + vapor barrier. How are your walls & ceilings constructed?
  11. Wondering what kind of insulation to use for a semi-permanent with plywood walls. I want to keep weight down so am leaning towards 3/8" plywood. Am wondering if I can use foil/bubble wrap insulation or will it condensate too much. Would I gain any R value at all if I put it on the exterior? I plan to have bunks so don't want to be dripped on in the middle of the night. trying to stay in the 1-1-1/2' thick wall range. Any suggestions?
  12. Creek Kid

    Ice Line?

    My panfish rigs have Berkley or Trilene Ice 4#. My walleye rigs I leave my fire line (luv that stuff!) and just put on a 4-6# Vanish leader about 6' long.
  13. Shoulda mentioned that I plan only only to run small lites and 2 computer fans on the speaker wire. They would all be on separate/switched circuits. I change out the same components between a 1 man and 3 man shacks. I would use the RCA jacks @ a main terminal in front of the battery w/fuse. I'd run a single fan & 2 lites (3 circuits) in the 1 man and a 2 fans / 3 lites (4 circuits) in the 3man. I plan on running a 12v car stereo in both but would heavy up the wire for that. I plan to run a standard 12v outlet for my flasher. Thinking about a motorcycle battery vs the vex 12v.
  14. In regards to rattling - one trick I've used the last few years (in the dark & during prerut/rut) is if it's too dry & noisy to be quiet I'll shuffle my feet and grunt as I get to my stand. I'm not sure if I have any proof that it works but I'never heard anything booger while I'm doing it. I've also seen deer within 1/2 hr or so of getting into my stand. Just a sidenote I thought someone mite like to hear; Also for rattling I make a RUCKUS! Quick story... 1 time I tore a branch off that hindered a shot that never happened. When I was done cussin & had the branch tossed out of the way, I sat back down & looked up to see the 8 pointer that I was mad about not getting a shot at looking right at me! He came right under my stand, all revved up & I missed him. Point is - He came to the thrashing of the branch and nothing else...
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