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  1. Just came home this weekend to about 100 nice hosts chewed down to the ground. All tomatoes, peppers and summer squash devastated by my 4-hoofed neighbors. I sprayed right before I left, but we had rain the next day and the liquid fence didn't last. Hoping some of the veggies come back before frost.
  2. Only peppers, tomatoes and summer squash in my veggie garden this year. Got a big pumpkin patch out by the road outside of my tree line. Nothing fruiting yet, but it's all looking good for as cold of June as we had up here. Ornamentals are really looking good this year and I'm doing a ton more containers than in the past. I have some costa I can hide behind. Been adding a ton of antiques to the garden to the point that Mrs. Peatmoss has declared a moratorium until I get our deck resurfaced and rail up. Someday, I'll get a little more savvy and post some pics. I do have hobbies other than antagonizing religious folks
  3. Tomatoes, peppers and most other veggies can be easily grown in containers. This allows you to get your plants from the greenhouse and pot them up a week or two earlier if you have a sheltered spot for them. Veggies can be mixed with ornamental plants in your containers and you can create some really cool landscaping. I have a ton of antique containers that I've integrated into my landscaping and they usually turn out great.
  4. In a pure boxing match, McGregor gets killed. Kickboxing he has a slight chance and in the cage, under MMA rules I think he'd take it to the ground and end it there. my .02
  5. We hunters are the primary financial supporters of deer management. I think that entitles us to, not just a seat at the table, but a seat at the head of the table. I don't believe that it entitles us to the only seat at the table. Further, we as hunters have become rather divided with regards to how we want the herd managed. There is a vocal and selfish faction of the deer hunting community that has become obsessed with antlers as the primary management objective. This only further complicates matters.
  6. I was derelict in not adding that to the other factors I had listed. As Rick Perry would say....ooops
  7. Nice post. I think it's pretty clear that a lot of folks only want to keep the populations bloated so that they can have their cake and eat it too. With the higher populations it's easier to bully thru their trophy hunting regs.
  8. I'm no DNR cheerleader, but I don't hold them in disdain as you seem to. I'm wondering what you think their motivation was to reduce numbers if it was not the groups I listed?
  9. Silver lining in this recent population decline-at least the hornporn crowd has been a good deal quieter!
  10. Are you serious? Over the last 20-30 years deer hunting in this state has improved drastically. There are more deer in more parts of the state than there ever were in the 70's or 80's. The numbers got a little high a few years back and the DNR was taking flack from all sorts of special interest groups like the insurance industry, big ag, white pine growers and urbanites getting their hostas eaten. Did they overcompensate lately? I think so. Could they do a better overall job of managing? Sure. Are we on the brink of disaster with an out of control DNR? I sure don't think so. As hunters, we can sometimes act like spoiled little babies when our interests, wants and opinions don't get met. I think we all have a right and even a duty to express ourselves, but some of what I've read has been over the top.
  11. I was able to get general admission tickets for Saturday before they sold out. I did not spring for the $30 parking pass. I have never been down there before. I plan on driving down from Grand Rapids tomorrow. Wife is really excited. I also bought 2 tickets for my 18 yr old so that he and his friend can drive me home. Not a country music fan by any stretch of the imagination, so the only way I will get thru the day is to drink. Any advice on what to expect from anyone that has recently attended this event?
  12. Junk yards get them all the time for scrap aluminum. I think if you called around to a few you'd find what you're looking for. An old resort boat with some faded writing would really have some character and look cool in a landscape. I think most glass boats would just look like junk .
  13. Seems like that lure was a colossal failure marketing wise. I never tried it, but the price was just ridiculous for a jig.
  14. HSO Forum is not what I typed. I went to the OFFicial sight of weFEST.
  15. Mrs. Peatmoss is a huge Zach Brown fan, and I am planning on buying her WeFest tickets for Sat. only. I went to the HSOforum and found general admission seating was the only seats left and they were 79.00 each. I'm just wondering if there is any other source for buying 4 tickets that is any cheaper or if I should just buy the tickets at the official site. I'm generally not a country fan and have never been to We Fest, so any other info or advice would be appreciated.
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