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  1. krawdad

    Fl-18 vs. FL-20?

    Thanks, I've had my fl-8 for 4 years and am going to upgrade. I think I can put in the extra 50 for the fl-20.
  2. krawdad

    Fl-18 vs. FL-20?

    If you have had experience with both units, which one did you like better and why? Money is no object, I have none. Thanks
  3. krawdad

    Cabela's Rogers

    killed. my brother-in-law eats them. Cabela recycles them. I hate my brother-in-law. sad to see them go. Dave
  4. krawdad

    Fish Trap Scout Mods!!

    I'd almost have to say, 'you have too much time on your hands'. however I just said it.
  5. krawdad

    Best 2-man portable

    I'd say loose the weight and the kid. just my2cents.
  6. I've hauled two standard cruisers on it and it was fine. Also hauled a couple loads of pressure treated wood with no problem. It's an animal. I'm in Victoria, just give me call if you're interested. Thanks.
  7. Yes it could haul a four wheeler however the ramp is made to load a single dirt bike at a time. I'll send you pics to take a look at and give you the dimensions. thanks.
  8. krawdad

    Lantern and Sunflower Combination

    bobber33, I have a good friend that had his dad fix him up with a real nifty rig. I can imagine this is exactly what you're looking for. If you don't hook up with the guy at Gander, I'll try to square you away with the details. krawdad