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  1. Typically all the surrounds for fireplace inserts are rectangular Mike. Basically you would loose the arch look. What is the size of the existing opening?
  2. Bigsmitty

    New rod broke!

    You didn't say what the warranty policy was on the rod. How would they know that you didn't drive over it with your truck or something? Unless the warranty states that they will send you a free rod, I think ten bucks for a new one is fair. "Credit card companies do not want any one ELSE taking advantage of you!" That is a two way street. I know lots of consumers that take advantage of businesses by doing credit card charge backs also. I am not saying that you are one of those consumers but they are out there and as an etailer, I have been scammed more times then you could imagine. Just my 2 cents.
  3. I've been using the rapala brand for over twelve years. I cant complain. I have never tried them with lead core though. Basically use them long line trolling with 12 pound fire line. Good luck.
  4. So I am backing into the landing and I notice my cranking battery is dead. So I use a set of jumper cables and a trolling motor battery. I hit the switch and my Yamaha 115 pops right off. Then I smell smoke and notice that the two exposed wires on the lower unit of my T8 kicker are burning and melting. I quick disconnect the jumper. Fire goes out and leaves the wires charred and brittle. Then I try the kicker and it works fine. Trolled with it all night with no problems. Can anyone tell me why this happened and what I should do now? Are these ground wires? I appreciate any help.
  5. Is it a direct vent fireplace? Meaning that the pipe is a coaxial design? If so then I would check the glass gasket seal. When the fireplace is lit, take a lighter and move it around the gasket seal. If it starts getting sucked toward the seal then you know thats the problem. Dont mess with the air shutter. That has nothing to do with it.
  6. I've been in the Biz for 25 years and there are some units that do require a burner change out. FMI was a brand under the Desa corporation. FMI is still around. Google and call their tech. department. They should be able to help.
  7. Mine is white and we call it the "Whitefish" How about the "Redfish"?
  8. Thats too bad. I have had one of their houses for 10 years and its been rock solid with no problems. Have a buddy who was looking to purchase one from them.
  9. Does anyone know? No HSOforum and no phone now. Assuming that they are no longer in biz. Hope not.
  10. There is no such thing as an electric "Fire"place. There is no fire in that box. A more suitable term would be an electric heater with a simulated flame. I think there pretty cheezy looking. But to each there own.
  11. I havent tried tuff stuff but I did coat the bottom of my 16' aluminum fishing boat with Raptor truck bed liner. Sealed all the rivets and is super tough. I bought it at Napa. Comes in 4 quart size bottles.
  12. I never leave home without it. With that said, I dont always use it. It depends on where I end up hunting on any given day. When I hunt from my ladder stands, I Know the distances and have them in memory. But when I hunt from my climber, one of the first things I do is range out trees, stumps or whatever for a quick referance when the big boy steps in. After using a range finder alot, you get pretty good at judging distance, However, step into a dark woods or variable lighted forest and you will find out how off you can be. Great tool to have. Good luck.
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