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  1. Just the belt on my clutch? Wow. need to check that. Along with the track alignment.
  2. Thanks guys. Gonna have to check them out!
  3. I have an old Jiffy Mod 75 arctic Blast. The cast piece on my throttle linkage broke. Anyone know where to get one since I thought Tehcumseh closed their doors? Metro would be ideal!
  4. speedo does work I don;t know how accurate, I can get to fast in my yard. hehe and track does not hang. hmmm
  5. @McGyver55, constant under acceleration only. When I let up and coast, no noise. @ leech, track seems tight, no reverse either. How do I check if track is tight enough?
  6. 95 Polaris xlt 600 xtra12 Our first heavy snowfall I got a noise coming from what appears to be the left side by the boot pocket while under power. It sounds like a tank track driving by..clack clack clack clack etc. My rails are not bent, I have no clue, I jacked up the back and ran it. You cant really hear it, but more pronounced when your sitting on it riding. Any Ideas?
  7. I think that is an excellent price! I think I paid 2500 including tax for my 2001 AC 400 with a new never used plow on it. That was 3-4 years ago
  8. Can the black shocks get rebuilt? And anyone know where to get some extra power? I would think with the triple it would be there, but a 2 lunger can out preform me in every manner.
  9. Hello :-) This is dkhntr's wife, Jenni. I've been reading/looking at pics over his shoulder for a while now. GREAT pics on this particular part of the forum. This thread caught my eye though. I'm a "starting out photographer" and one of the things I wanted to make sure I got done was get a watermark for my photos as well. Mostly for my flower shots but also for portraits so the customer can't just use them. I don't know if you've got a photo edit program like Corel's Paintshop Pro or Adobe's Photoshop but those are helpful in creating a watermark. Like Steve Foss said you are protected under copyright the moment you capture those images but a watermark can't hurt. I used to just put a txt layer over my pictures w/ the © 2010 J Cameron Photography (alt + 0169) to get that symbol but then realized it was too easy (like Steve said)for ppl to just edit it out. I then went on the hunt to find a way to create an actual watermark. I found a pretty helpful site w/ step by step directions on how to do it. Once you create the watermark you just save it and copy/paste it as a new layer for the photos you want to mark. here's the HSOforum. now this one is for Paintshop Pro (which i use) but i'm sure there are other sites out there that will explain how to create one. http://hubpages.com/hub/Paint-Shop-Pro-X2-Making-Your-Own-Watermark I played around w/ it a bit and what i liked the best is that you can make it as opaque or transparent as you'd like per picture. Nothing worse than seeing one of YOUR pictures someplace you didn't post it being used without your permission. Good luck!!! :-) ~Jenni - Dkhntr's wife
  10. the duckies are cool. My fav
  11. Thanks. My wife is an aspiring photographer. And SHE made me ask what it was. I had no clue what your talking about, but she did. I just like the pics!
  12. Did you adjust anything to get the water effect to looks so "creamy"? That is SO cool. Did you shoot with a DSLR? I assume so, remeber your settings?
  13. seems to be getting cooler right now though.
  14. Thanks for the ideas! Steak is nice the first day too, maybe but by the 4th day, my shoe would taste just as good. I am gonna see if my father in law still has his dehydrator and play with that. Chris BTW, LOVE the you tube clip too.
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