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  1. mngoosehunter

    What did Santa bring you?

    You cant trade in the LCF40 thats a classic. I still use one and love it. wouldn't trade 'er for nothing. the zercom does anything a guy really needs.
  2. mngoosehunter


    Two years ago my uncle saw a big buck go into a BIG cornfield during the rut. He knew it was nearly impossible, but decided to try and go after him through the corn. after many minutes he heard a couple of grunts and a rustling in front of him. Looking through the corn he was able to see the large rack sticking through it. He pulled up his shotgun and took the shot. Turned out it was the same buck he saw go into the corn and ended up being a 153". The trick is to have a lot of wind so your noise is disguised. Going really slowly you can peak through the row and look both ways and then go into the next row...and just keep on going really slowly. Last year while bowhunting I decided to try the same trick, however I did not see any deer go into the corn I just thought i would try it out and see what happens. I only went about 60 yards in the corn before spotting a doe to my right. she was only about 15 yards away from me at the time however using a bow..how are you suppose to come to full draw and look down the next row to shoot..it would have been easier if she was to my left, being that i am a right handed shooter and would have to shoot across my body. However after sometime she kept moving over 1 row at a time and i followed as she went over one row so did i. eventually she walked right down the row next to me and when i saw front shoulder almost touching the tip of my broadhead I pulled the trigger on the release. She didnt go more than 15 yards. It was the most exciting thing I have ever encountered in my life while hunting. It was such a rush to be that close and go undetected. I am now hooked on stalking deer through the corn and it can be a successful hunt with the right conditions with a lot of wind. I wish I could have got it on tape.
  3. mngoosehunter

    Modeling clay for tail fan mount?

    I second what shane said. dump table salt over the flesh and let it dry. the salt will soak into the meat therefore you have to add more salt after a day or two and do this a couple times and it lasts forever.
  4. mngoosehunter

    Extreme Cold Hunting Boots

    like black bear said the Army boots are the way to go. My feet have never gotten cold in these and if you don't have them your missing out. They are really reasonablly priced too I got my online for 40 bucks. By far the BEST boot on the market hands down if your trying to keep your feet warm.
  5. mngoosehunter

    spearing question

    thanks guys. I dont see the reasoning behind that at all. Maybe because you have a better chance with a bow?
  6. mngoosehunter

    spearing question

    would it be legal to bowfish for northerns during the spearing season? i think it would be fun to try it out. thanks.
  7. mngoosehunter


    I thought this would be kind of fun to do, but is it legal to use a bow instead of spear for northerns? Thanks for your help
  8. mngoosehunter

    when does the limit change?

    even though the numbers are down you can still get your birds..obviously you cant tell us you cant find birds if you dont go out...was out sunday and kicked up close to 75 so they are around..push the cattails and you will be successful
  9. mngoosehunter

    Pheasant trip with most of the corn down...

    wow i wish i could say a similar thing about the roosters to hen ratio..we saw around 75 birds sunday and probably 10 were rooties. i guess its good to have lots of hens but just disappointing when you walk all day and cant shoot anything..did end up with 3 though.
  10. mngoosehunter

    Best trail cam picture ever!

    alright...this will settle it. I think the other picture is in the archery forum. Look at the top of the deers back in this one and then in the archery one. Notice that there is a lot more light coming through on the deers back. PHOTOSHOPPED...still cool though
  11. mngoosehunter


    when you say SW MN boiler guy how far south west you talking, down by marshall area? or where at?
  12. mngoosehunter


    When do you think the corn will start to come down? I know up north some of it is still green so im thinking 3 weeks or so. Havent been down south and I was just wondering what you all think about the corn down there? I heard down in south eastern Mn some were going to start cutting today.. probably just a little for cows? Thanks
  13. mngoosehunter

    Tonka or WBL?

    my uncles buddy went up to mille lacs a couple weeks ago and didnt catch anything for 3 days...and on the last day the wind switched and within 45 minutes they caught a 54.5, 55 and 56.5 on the same mid lake hump. I couldnt believe the pictures. They could have ate my 52 I caught out on tonka.
  14. mngoosehunter

    REAL Opening Results...

    1 rooster at 9:03 up by Elbow lake. Saw close to 30 hens and that was the only rooster. This years bird, you could hardly see the colors on him.
  15. mngoosehunter

    Tonka or WBL?

    propster what do you mean where have i been?