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  1. Yeah, sometimes we're all like a fat kid in a candy store. I hope you catch a lot of fish with them.
  2. blackdog1101

    13 Fishing Black Betty or Clam Spooler?

    I went and checked them out again today. The Black Betty has no "back." The spool is open on both sides. Decided I didn't really like either, will stick with the Pflueger for the time being. Probably would have bought the Spooler if it was aluminum instead of graphite. I'm not a fan of graphite reels.
  3. blackdog1101

    13 Fishing Black Betty or Clam Spooler?

    I've been using a newer Pflueger fly reel for several seasons, but it's not holding up as well as I would have hoped. Older Pfueger reels seem to last forever. So I'm in the market for a new in-line reel. I don't want a multiplier reel for panfishing, seems like overkill for my purposes. Might have to add the Okuma 2/3 to my list to look at.
  4. blackdog1101

    13 Fishing Black Betty or Clam Spooler?

    Why do people chime in with unhelpful answers to questions that were not asked? I've used "in-line" fly reels for a few seasons and like them. My question is looking for informed information about these two reels. Thanks to the other posters. Hopefully others will respond as well.
  5. I was checking out the 13 Fishing Black Betty and the Clam Spooler over lunch today at GM. I thought I would like the Black Betty more, but the Clam Spooler seems to have better features with the disk drag. To those who have had the chance to mess around with both, which seems to meet your needs better? Which would you buy again? Thanks!
  6. blackdog1101

    Trouble with tungsten jigs

    I've never encountered breaking hooks on tunsgsten jigs. I've used Fiskas for several years with no broken hooks. I do notice more paint chipping, but storing them in a foam fly box and more careful removal takes care of most of the problem.
  7. blackdog1101

    time for a new portable.

    Sounds like you need a nice one-man portable. Seriously though, I'd look into something along the lines of the Eskimo Fatfish portables. Light weight, quick and easy to set up, and very spacious. And about $225. No affiliation, jut hoping to help.
  8. blackdog1101

    Spring bobbers are a waste of money

    I've used St. Croix spring bobbers for years. Love them. I've modded almost every one of my rods for the St. Croix spring bobbers. I don't get what everyone says about icing up being a problem.
  9. blackdog1101

    And so it begins...

    2" = no margin for error. I'll wait for 4" myself.
  10. blackdog1101

    Nils Power Ice Augers

    I had an old Jiffy 31, I'm guessing 10+ years old, I never really looked into it. It ran great, always started on the second pull. However, I have a bad shoulder, and the weight became an issue. After using a friends Nils one day I was sold on them. I bought a Nils and never plan to replace it. I love it. I agree the blade cover is not so great but I plan to get the Cold Snap cover instead.
  11. blackdog1101

    What do you think about leech lake knifes?

    Yeah I did some googling and see they're still being sold. Canney, however, did die in 2011. It looks like the company that made the blank for him now makes and sells the entire knife.
  12. blackdog1101

    What do you think about leech lake knifes?

    I thought I read the guy who maked them died. Seriously. Whatever knives were available for purchase were made before he passed.
  13. blackdog1101

    13 Fishing Ice Rods

    Does anyone have any experience with either the 13 Fishing Wicked or White Out rods? I've got my eye on the 28" UL Wicked rod, but am wondering what people who have used the rod think of it? Or other UL rods I should consider? I appreciate the quality of the Thorne Bros rods, but sadly they're out of my price range. Thanks for your input!
  14. blackdog1101

    rods for perch n gills

    I started out about 8 years ago with a jiggle stick a guy at work gave me. I caught fish. I moved up to a Frabill rod and reel combo I got a GM. I caught fish, and is still actually one of my favorite rods, although I got rid of the cheap reel. I bought a few GM branded rods and continued to catch fish. Then I got a custom built rod that is super sensitive, and that really upped the game, especially for tough negative fish. Of course that cost a bit more money. Bottom line is that you'll be able to catch fish with any rod. It's a matter of how much you want to spend, how much time you're going to invest in ice fishing, to determine if you want the $25 combo or the $80 custom rod and $50 reel. However, I'd totally avoid buying "store brand" combos. The reels are generally poor quality. If you buy a combo get a better brand like St. Croix or "13".
  15. blackdog1101

    My Dad's Gun

    What barrel choke would you guys recommend for trap shooting with this gun with steel shot? I belong to a club worth a trap range, I want to learn how to trap shoot this year. The club requires steel shot due to nearby wetlands.