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  1. I'll trade my Clearwater Classic for your LX-5....
  2. I don't know if I'm too late but two years ago my family chartered a boat out of Puerto Aventuras. They have a number of boats that go out... it was in March and quite windy that day... I told the captain I wanted to catch fish. He took us out farther than the other boats and we had a blast. We caught 3 red snapper, 4 yellow-fin tunas, a queen trigger fish, and a few other fish. The highlight was a 7.5 foot sailfish! Took me almost two hours to reel that one in as it had wrapped the line around the body and I was pulling it in tail first! When we got back in to the docks, we were the only boat that caught much...
  3. I packed up the boat and gear and drove over to my buddies home in Chippewa Saturday night. We launched Sunday morning, around 9ish, from the rod and gun club and planned on hitting a few spots. Our first spot yielded two walleyes (one just over 12", the other was 16"), several nice sized smallmouth, a 24" pike, and a rockbass and a dinky perch. After working that spot pretty well, we decided to try our second spot. That was a good decision! In the next two hours, we landed at least a dozen walleye and I lost five boatside (getting too lazy at that point, trying to hoist 'em up). I also hooked into a real nice northern pike (solid 31 incher!) and we had fun with some sumo smallmouth action as well. We were jigging minnows and crawlers and I was lindy rigging crawlers when we were drifting. Most of the action came in 5 to 12 feet of water, working weed edges. Jig color didn't seem to matter; anything I tied on seemed to catch fish! All in all, it was best "dog days of summer" that I've ever had on Wissota...
  4. I bought a Cabin and put it together in a cold garage... took a bit of effort to try to straighten out the plastic snap-in strips but once I got them all locked into place, it's held tight! If your's is coming loose, you must not have snapped them all the in or along their entire length. It would have been easier if I'd have warmed them up first but you can do it with them still cold - just takes some time and patience...
  5. I was fishing the Hudson channel area late Friday night when a police boat goes flying by, lights on, siren howling... he was booking fast up towards Stillwater. Guess that's why! What a maroon (in Bugs Bunny speak!)...
  6. Quote: Quote: anyone read the guy's bio? As a teacher... the full moon complicated with only 24 days left.. has been a little much! HUH???? I was talking about the first two words after the "Bio" entry three lines below teacher....
  7. I just picked up a GM Guide Series Tournament rod - it's a bit longer than I wanted (7') but has a great backbone (Medium) with a fast tip. Paired it up with a Guides Series Tournament reel (Pflueger-made) - very smooth... for the price, this setup can't be beat. Fished with it on the Croix opener - didn't jig up any walleye but had to whitey's hit and the sensitivity and action were brilliant. I'd definitely buy another setup like this one.
  8. Wow UJ... so what's it like leading a perfect life, never making any mistakes???
  9. wow... this is a hot topic! I'm a relative new-bee at the launching/landing thing so I can empathize with the guys that feel worried about doing things right and doing them quickly. I've gotten to the point now where I can launch my boat and get my boat on the trailer pretty quickly, whether it be under power or by winch. I look to see if there are signs saying power-loading is forbidden. If the signs are there, I crank the boat up by hand! It never ceases to amaze me how many guys will still drive their boats up and give 'er that last shot of power to get it all the way to the stopper! What's most interesting is that these appear to be the 'most experienced' boat owners - I guess wisdom doesn't always go with experience... I always get my boat ready to launch while waiting on the side and do my 'take-down' after I've pulled clear of the ramp. There will always be the a-holes that think that they're the only ones that don't need to follow the rules or be considerate or be patient.... Oh well, for me - I always look to help out others while I'm waiting my turn - whether it be helping hold the boat on the dock while the owner parks the truck, help line it up when trailering, help guide the trailer down the ramp, etc. If everyone at the launch took the approach of 'how can help the other guys', we'd all be getting on and out of the water a lot faster and with a lot less anger and frustration... On the other hand, if I guys is being a real jerk, I have no problem taking my 265lbs, 6'4" frame right to their face and giving them a good tongue lashing. The way I see it, I'm very kind and considerate to those that are also kind and considerate so I can rip apart the rude, manner-less, egotistical a-holes too!
  10. set up four rods with 14/6 fireline crystal. Used these for pulling lindys, trolling cranks, and jigging last weekend. Worked very well in all applications. There's something a little different with the crystal vs. the smoke - seems to cast a bit better and is nearly invisible once it hits the water. For me, this stuff is by far the best all-around line out there!
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