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  1. I fished Yellow Tape today and it was not so good...I got some decent 'Gills and a few quality 'Berries. The high pressure and bright sun put the fish in scittish mode...still better than being inside... AW
  2. This section of HSO has gone as lame as last years ice conditions... DC has twins and falls off the planet to his "Part Time Friends", but I would too if I were in his position... We love ya Jay...(and the little Pumpkins too) AW
  3. I heard there was a Sasquatch sighting there...then I found out DC was there handing out Steelers Palamalou Hair Wigs...WWWWHHHAAAATTT!!!!! AW
  4. 33deg here in Cazenovia...man is it gonna be a good season...HAHAHA!!! AW
  5. Woodchuck to Grey Squirrel...come in Grey Squirrel??? AW
  6. I have noticed that all the fish that I have caught on Oneida this year have been more shallow than I can remember, even before the Zebra Mussel invasion. Pulling up off colored water out of the holes with the auger as well??? Or maybe, I am just used to pure Madison County water...lol AW
  7. This site is missing Todd's Weather Condition Thread!!! I wish him well and to get back in the Loop soon!!! AW
  8. DC...Nice video and it did pull me out of the woodwork!!! I concour with DC about Edgewater...reports are modest at best and it will look like the Carrier Dome out there!!! Minus the Canadians!!! AW
  9. Nice...I'm in...I can wear the hat my Lab, Esau, threw up on!!! I also have a pair of of Old School Carhartts that I use to change my oil in!!! I know the Pirates spray WD40 on their jigs...Right Lee? AW
  10. Video Franky...really? I thought you grew out of that stage??? Good to hear from you bro!!! AW
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