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  1. koonie

    dakota decoys

    Well I ordered them Wednesday and got them Friday. They look great. Hopefully they'll work their magic on Thursday.
  2. koonie

    dakota decoys

    I just ordered the jake and hen decoys from them. I'm just wondering if anybody else has them and what they think of them.
  3. koonie

    deer density

    Just an fyi. At the moment there is no petition to sign at DJs Sporting goods.
  4. koonie

    deer density

    Where did you find the list of places that have the petition?
  5. Sorry but you can't do a 4473 ahead of time. If they don't have the gun in their store they can't enter it into their system therefore you can't start the process of buying the gun. Even if they know the serial number they can't put it into the books because it's not in their possession. If they put it into their books prior to getting it and it gets lost/stolen during shipping they would be responsible for it. The ATF aint no joke(lol). Basically it just doesn't work that way. Their extra wait policy stinks!
  6. I mostly hunt with decoys. I've sat on waterholes too and not even used decoys. If you have a "dirty" field with short vegetation you could walk them up. It's generally easier to scout out a field or water hole and just wait for them to come to you. Imo. Any way you hunt them you should have a good time though. :-)
  7. Hunting pits works well. Especially if you have some wheat fields nearby. Doves like a little landing zone where they can walk down to the waters edge to drink. It's a good option sometimes so you don't blow them out of a field by continually hunting it.
  8. If you're hunting wheat stubble you shouldn't have too much trouble finding downed birds without a dog. I've lost one bird ever and I don't have a dog. Just mark them down and you'll be fine. I finally found a hot field. I've hunted a few marginal fields and shot a few birds. This new field has 400+ birds in it and I'm chomping at the bit to get out there.
  9. koonie

    What does he score??

    Don't know what he'd score other than an arrow through the pump house. He's big enough that's all I know.
  10. except you need to have a plug in your gun since they're migratory birds. Lol.
  11. koonie

    SW MN Archery Shop??

    Make the drive up to DJs, in Montevideo, to see me. I'll take care of you. What are you looking for? We carry Hoyt, Mathews and Mission. Full service. 6 lanes(20) yards. I'll have you shooting Xs at 20 yards before you walk out the door.
  12. koonie

    gun value

    Most used 1100s go for $350 maximum on the shelf. You can buy a brand new 1100 slug barrel(cantilever) for $239. Regular rifled slug barrel you can buy new for $200. I doubt you'll get much more than $400 if you sell it to a store. Person to person sale maybe $550 max.
  13. koonie


    I've had 4 or 5 of them and never had an issue. I'd buy a spare o-ring just in case but you'll more than likely never need it. It's just the easiest thing to pick apart on the 11-87. It's not the lightest gun out there but for waterfowling I don't see that as a negative.
  14. koonie

    Peterson chasing the record

    AP is the only reason I'm watching the Vikings right now. I swear I jump out of the chair every time they hand the ball off to him. He's just fun to watch. It's going to be tough for him to break the record but 2000 yards should be attainable(sp). I'm sure he'd trade 2000 yards for a ring any day. At the end of the day winning is all that matters in the NFL.
  15. koonie

    names of bows

    Named my Z7 Mathilda, from The Professional. My favorite gun is Maxine.