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  1. Lals

    Best way to break a pb?

    It's northern lake Ontario -- I would recommend getting a guide on the Ottawa River. Great Musky fishery from what my brother tells me. Good luck! We just got back from LOTW and we had a couple in that range....
  2. Lals

    What are the bass doin these days?

    Good to know. I have seen that pattern in the fall. Find gills on the surface and you have a good chance! I will be back in Minnesota in early October which can be great. I had a lot of luck with a spinnerbait with a paddle tail swim bait. Big profile but it seems like they are looking for a big meal.
  3. Lals

    What are the bass doin these days?

    Great trip with a couple of friends. Hit 8 lakes in 2 days (lakes were typically 500 acres) trying to find some active bigger fish. I don't think I caught one over 3lbs. One friend got a 20" and a 19" fish. Those were on a jig on a deep weed-line ... that technique was our most productive.... trig was second. We threw "everything and the kitchen sink" at them but it was tough fishing for that area. We still caught plenty to keep it interesting but size was lacking. The bites were subtle. Fish didn't seem very aggressive. Most fish were hooked barely on the lip. Interesting. Did try some Musky and we raised a couple brutes last nite but that was it.
  4. Lals

    What are the bass doin these days?

    Good info RD. Thank you. I will be fishing August 29 and 30. I will report back. You are a good man!
  5. Lals

    What are the bass doin these days?

    Thanks RD! Good info. That's an interesting technique with the Chatterbait. I will try it. If you don't mind -- what kind of trailer do you like with the Chatterbait for that technique? There will be 3 of us fishing so it will a little tight. Probably will only bring 3 rods... I am thinking a Jig rod, T-rig rod (plan to try a Nekko rig with this as well) and one moving bait rod (Spinnerbait, Chatterbait, Buzzbait, Frog, Cranks, etc.) The great thing about Ottertail county (like others in Mn), there are a thousand lakes... we will hit 2 or 3 a day. If we have good conditions (low pressure/moderate wind) we will probably try Musky on Battle Lake.
  6. Spending most of my time in Dallas these days due to my job. Will be fishing the Otter County Area in a couple of weeks. Can't wait! Just wondering what you guys are seeing? I am assuming the Bass are in and will be in their late summer patterns which to me means that you could find 'em anywhere. One of the questions my friend had (I guess watching KVD in Elite Series and Major League fishing -- I think his recent win on the Elite Series on St Lawrence River was mainly a drop shot) was jerk baits for this time of year. Frankly, I use mostly jigs and plastics. Watching KVD, I think I should give jerk baits more a try.
  7. Lals

    How was opener

    Wondering how opener was? i won't have a chance to fish until Memorial Day. Thanks, Lals
  8. Lals

    How was opener

    Wondering how opener was? i won't have a chance to fish until Memorial Day. Thanks, Lals
  9. They are on Lake Pokegama lake today ... fun to watch! I would imagine the next few weekends shows will be from this area!
  10. Lals

    Off Season Deals

    There are some smoking deals at Tackle Warehouse. I got a couple Shimano Chronarchs for $170 ea. $100 less than normal price. It is a close out offer of $189 and you pay with their 10% off gift card. Look at their 25 days of Christmas offers. You will find offers like 25-45% off on ALL SEAGUAR and buy with a gift card and take another 10% off! My wonderful wife is a little upset with the packages that have arrived...Oops!
  11. Lals

    Green Water Colors

    RD, good questions. I see it pretty much the same as you. Black and Blue color plus vibration baits.... in a tournament last weekend my partner got the second largest bass on a white chatterbait with a Zoom chartreuse grub in muddy water.. it's a new grub from Zoom with a larger tail. I did have a really good day on a white jig with a white Rage Craw on green lake last year. The one color crank I like in these conditions is Black and Chartreuse.
  12. Lals

    What's your current game plan?

    Nice video Hookslinger. You are my hero still fishing without your trolling motor operational.... that's dedication! Seeing that small fish you caught reminded me of some we caught. I would estimate 80% of the bass we caught last weekend (30 hours of fishing) were less than 1.5lbs. Tough getting big bites right now, I think.
  13. Lals

    What's your current game plan?

    Hookslinger, good to have you join the "board"!....there are a lot of good guys sharing great info. So, how did your outing go? Our best success was deep weed lines with jigs and t-rigs... but our best one was on a Zara Spook in a foot of water at 7AM.
  14. Lals

    What's your current game plan?

    Just got back.... Tough fishing for up there. My buddy and I did manage 1 20" and a 20.5". A lot of lakes (fished 4 on Thursday, 5 lakes on Friday and 1 this morning) mostly clear but some stained. The last 2 years, I fished the area in spring and fall and it was noticeable how much softer the strikes were. They weren't very aggressive but if you hooked a bigger one, they were awesome fighters ... had a few pull a bit of drag. Our best success was when we could find schooling sunnies on the surface. Fished alot of jigs and got most of our big bites with them. We caught them on a lot of different stuff... jigs and craws, frogs, buzzbaits, swimjigs, wacky worms, t-rigs, tubes, cranks, spooks, spinnerbaits, jig worm and drop shot. It was a fun trip .... lots of fishing, learned a lot, lots of laughs.
  15. Lals

    What's your current game plan?

    Awesome B24... rocks in weeds or outside weed edge is money. I don't fish these lakes much so I don't any of these spots but you put that thought in front of mind. Need to pay better more attention to the Hummingbird Sonar. Puching mats can be a bast!