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  1. Good to read the reports. I will be coming back to Minnesota to fish mostly for Bass in early October for 3-4 days. Last year was kind of weird during the same time. Water temps were around 54 degrees. Fish seemed to be scattered deep and shallow. Only a few2 over 4lbs. Hopefully, we will do better this year. Here is my thinking on setups 2 rods with jigs... One with Fluoro and the other braid 1 Rod with a T-Rig Brush Hog 1 Rod with a Cutter worm 1 Rod for Spinnerbait/Chatterbait 1 Rod for Squarebill/Rattle Trap 2 Spinning Rods -- Wacky Rig and Drop Shot Other considerations will be Flukes for sure and maybe a Carolina Rig.
  2. One crazy story while up in LOTW... When you fish a week up there for Muskies something pretty crazy will happen but this year was among the most fascinating experiences that I have had.... We are fishing a weedy spot on an Island and all of the sudden I see a tanker swimming parallel to the boat about 10 yards out (BTW, I have never seen that up in LOTW before). First I thought I was seeing things, took a second and third look and then yelled "there is a huge Musky swimming out in front of us". The Musky went straight to my brothers Top Raider and hammered it! All of us saw it. My brother fought it for a while and it shook free. So this experience got me thinking if the Muskies are really turned on can their strike zones be that large? I am estimate that fish swam more that 10 yards to intersect with that bait! Maybe it was just cruising and by luck it happened? I sure seemed that the Musky was focused on eating that Top Raider .... so maybe the Strike Zone is that large or much larger than I thought...
  3. Just came back from LOTW. Numbers were down but not bites. I was a miserable 6 for 15 fish on. 75% of the bites came on the figure 8, I mostly tried to set back into them and they would come "unbuttoned " pretty quickly. Next year, I will try pulling them around or if they bite up in the corner of my figure 8, I would then pull the rod straight back trying to set it in the corner of their mouth. Smaller bucktails got the most bites. Cranks did pretty well too -- 7" Slammers and Crane Bait. One friend got a 48 on a Top Raider. I had a 4 -5 large fish follow a top raider or a jackpot but none bit. My brother got a 50" on a Mepps Musky Marabou.
  4. We go on our annual trip in early July and wanted to share some of the trends that we have experienced and maybe you could share yours? Smaller blades are getting bit... Showgirls vs. Cowgirls. Really have stopped throwing Cowgirls. Glide baits can be very hot.... but it is funny how they can go cold as well Weeds continue to seem to decline a little but has seemed to stabilize. Not as much cabbage in some west facing sandy bays. Which is probably a good thing. I have a hard time finding them in larger cabbage beds. Seems like you need to keep running and gunning to find an active fish(s). Many good spots you will find nothing going and it seems that each year you find different hot areas Seems like there is strong year class LY that was around 46".... the year before they were 43-44". This year maybe 48" which would be awesome! Always fun and fish have been pretty cooperative the last few years for us but you got to work for 'em....
  5. Came back from Ottertail County on Wednesday last week... pretty good trip overall. Lot's of fish but just 6 over 4lbs with 1 over 5lb. We fished up there for 3 days. Water temps were in the high 50s mostly. Most fish we caught were pre-spawn but certainly wanting to spawn. Chatterbait, Swimbaits/swimjigs and flukes worked the best. Seem like we spent most of our time catching males. It was a late spring for sure. I not a big fan of fishing the spawn.... We saw some beds but no females. I prefer fishing post spawn period.
  6. I will do my first bass fishing in MN this weekend. I am looking forward to it for sure. Water Temps have been in the low 60s in Ottertail County. Many should be thinking about or are spawning. I heard that 64 degrees is the magic number for the full blown spawn. I would prefer them being in more of post spawn mode. I will let you know how things go. I will be fishing for a few days in Ottertail County starting Sunday afternoon.
  7. It's northern lake Ontario -- I would recommend getting a guide on the Ottawa River. Great Musky fishery from what my brother tells me. Good luck! We just got back from LOTW and we had a couple in that range....
  8. Good to know. I have seen that pattern in the fall. Find gills on the surface and you have a good chance! I will be back in Minnesota in early October which can be great. I had a lot of luck with a spinnerbait with a paddle tail swim bait. Big profile but it seems like they are looking for a big meal.
  9. Great trip with a couple of friends. Hit 8 lakes in 2 days (lakes were typically 500 acres) trying to find some active bigger fish. I don't think I caught one over 3lbs. One friend got a 20" and a 19" fish. Those were on a jig on a deep weed-line ... that technique was our most productive.... trig was second. We threw "everything and the kitchen sink" at them but it was tough fishing for that area. We still caught plenty to keep it interesting but size was lacking. The bites were subtle. Fish didn't seem very aggressive. Most fish were hooked barely on the lip. Interesting. Did try some Musky and we raised a couple brutes last nite but that was it.
  10. Good info RD. Thank you. I will be fishing August 29 and 30. I will report back. You are a good man!
  11. Thanks RD! Good info. That's an interesting technique with the Chatterbait. I will try it. If you don't mind -- what kind of trailer do you like with the Chatterbait for that technique? There will be 3 of us fishing so it will a little tight. Probably will only bring 3 rods... I am thinking a Jig rod, T-rig rod (plan to try a Nekko rig with this as well) and one moving bait rod (Spinnerbait, Chatterbait, Buzzbait, Frog, Cranks, etc.) The great thing about Ottertail county (like others in Mn), there are a thousand lakes... we will hit 2 or 3 a day. If we have good conditions (low pressure/moderate wind) we will probably try Musky on Battle Lake.
  12. Spending most of my time in Dallas these days due to my job. Will be fishing the Otter County Area in a couple of weeks. Can't wait! Just wondering what you guys are seeing? I am assuming the Bass are in and will be in their late summer patterns which to me means that you could find 'em anywhere. One of the questions my friend had (I guess watching KVD in Elite Series and Major League fishing -- I think his recent win on the Elite Series on St Lawrence River was mainly a drop shot) was jerk baits for this time of year. Frankly, I use mostly jigs and plastics. Watching KVD, I think I should give jerk baits more a try.
  13. Lals

    How was opener

    Wondering how opener was? i won't have a chance to fish until Memorial Day. Thanks, Lals
  14. Lals

    How was opener

    Wondering how opener was? i won't have a chance to fish until Memorial Day. Thanks, Lals
  15. They are on Lake Pokegama lake today ... fun to watch! I would imagine the next few weekends shows will be from this area!
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