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  1. BigBass, Have you ever tried Lake Jane, Olsen, or De Monterville? Its a 3 lake chain that is catch and release only on Bass. They are just North of Woodbury, I live in Hastings and its about a 20-25 minute drive. there are some good size Bass there, as well as a load of sunfish if you have kids that go out with you. The Vermillion river between the Casino and town can be alright for Bass as well, it fishes much like a lake if you put your boat in at the Dushaynes (sp?) landing. Let me know if you head out that way and how you do.
  2. I got it, Thanks for the help Agape. I should be good to go for the opener! Thanks - Bankbeater
  3. Agape, Thanks for the info, however, when I slid the button over and tried to twist, nothing moved. Any ideas on that? Thanks again.
  4. I have a Quantum e600pt, and for the life of me can not figure out how to get the sides off to oil it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Thankyou for the info so far. Sounds like a guide would be a great idea with all the stumps. Also if every spot looks "fishy" it could be a long day trying to find them. I've been looking at the package deals, Bluebank was near the top of list for me, but I would imagine that most of the lodges are pretty simalar? Thanks again, this site has to one of the best I have ever been a part of for the amount of information that I have gotten!!!!!
  6. I was wondering if anyone has ever been down to Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee? I have been thinking about going down and giving it a try with a couple of friends. Any ideas on where to stay or if a guide is needed? Thanks for any info on this.
  7. Plastics, spinners, and secrets are what I think I will use the gift card for, LOL!! Seriously, thanks for the info on what a couple bucks could go towards. Limited funds for an unlimited passion for Bass, but I guess that's how it goes. One more Question though, is spending the money on a name brand spinnerbait worth it? Or will the generic work just as well? Thanks for the info!
  8. If you had only 25 bucks to spend at Cabelas on Bass fishing stuff, what would be your latest and greatest lure additions to your tackle box? I know that I would try to get as much BANG for the BUCK as I could with the the limited funds that many of us have. I know I would be adding some of the new plastic frogs that are out this year, maybe some of the new Storm hard/soft crankbaits.
  9. My Uncle was telling me that his Friend in the Wisconsin Rapids area, WI may have shot the new Pope & Young World record, They are waiting for the rack to dry, the green score was over an inch better. Just wondering if anyone else has heard this rumor? I'm trying to get him to get me a couple pics of it if it is indeed true. He's not the type to make up these kind of stories.
  10. Great story! I also brought a new hunter into the woods this year, my cousin. Although she isn't a kid, she's 24, she decided that she wanted to try hunting but did not have anyone to take her so she had asked if I could show her where to go. I told her that she could go with me and I would help her out. She went through the safety class and was very excited. I called her a couple days before the season and she was already so excited you could here it in her voice. Opening morning we went out to the field, got to the brush where we were going to sit and got comfortable. About an hour later a couple does came running towards us. They had stopped about 95 yds away and I told her that this was a clean shot and to shoulder the gun. She took her first shot at a deer! She missed, but the adreniline rush and the excitement she had was incredible. We did a couple drives later that day and I had gotten a doe, she wanted to field dress it, so I walked her through it and she did a great job. The following morning in a new blind I was watching one direction and she was watching another. She started to get "twitchy" and saying "Buck,Buck,Buck" she shot And missed again, I followed up and got him. She had the hunt of lifetime and is hooked for good! I also found a renewed excitement in going to the field!!
  11. It happens every year, somebody plays a prank or something happens to someone that makes you laugh, it's something that makes the hunt memorable. Anybody have something to share about this years hunt? I took my cousin hunting for the first time in her life this year. She was nervous and excited and everything else that goes along with your first time. Anyways, it was the second morning and I had just shot a Buck, She was sitting with me in the blind. We got to the deer and had started to field dress him. I remembered that there was a rope in the truck that I wanted to use to drag him out of the woods, so I asked her to get the rope, she agreed and off she went. 15 minutes later I heard 3 shots from the direction that she went. I figured something got up in front of her and she got a shot off. I continued to dress the deer and wait for her. another 20 minutes passed and I saw her come over the hill. I quickly asked if she had got one? She answered yes I got a small one. I was excited for her and started to congratulate her and tell her how happy I was. I asked her where it was and she looked at me with a puzzled look and pulled a "small" rope out of her pocket. She had not got a deer, or even saw one, but she did get the "small" rope. She later told me that she didn't even here the shots, and wondered why I was so excited that she got the rope! Have a good one.
  12. My dad made me a knife when I was about 19, I had just started hunting thanks to some college buddies that got me started. It is one of the best gifts a guy could receive from his Dad, keep looking and git'r'done for him, He will always remember this gift.
  13. Nice job! It is too bad that the kids were there, but if they see this, then hopefully they will remember it in the future as well and not participate.
  14. Great stories! Looking forward now to the late season down in 3B to fill the tag for the year. Have a good one!
  15. How did everyone do this weekend? Weather was nice for being outside. Deer were slow to move. Saw a couple nice ones way off, too far for slugs.
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