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  1. Are you talking about the Bass lake near Summerset on Cty Rd I? Walleye? I have never caught a walleye in that lake ever.
  2. I emailed the Minnesota DNR below is the response and below that my original email question: Only if riden on a trail. If only on private property or on a lake the trail pass is not needed. If your ATV is registered in Wisconsin, that is all that is required to use it on the ice for ice fishing in MN. Enjoy and good luck. Kevin original email sent to DNR below: 1. Is the new trail sticker required on snowmobiles if only used on lakes for ice fishing? 2. Are there any requirements for ATV use on lakes for ice fishing? 3. I am a Wisconsin resident with an ATV licensed in that state. Are ATV's and snowmobiles treated the same as out of state boats (i.e. the registration/licensing for other states is recognized and fulfills Minnesota requirements)? Thanks for your help.
  3. I have both a camera and a flasher. I personally think the camera is fun but its value is not near that of the flasher. I usually leave the camera at home or in the truck because its just extra wieght and hassle on the ice. Get a flasher first even if it means waiting. Try looking for a used vex or marcum. I'll bet that a lot of guys are upgrading flashers this year and there should be some for sale at a reasonable price.
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