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  1. So first thing you do if you don't understand something is to assume he is guilty? Hmmm. Ya, I agree, his writing skills are weak but if you can't figure out what he is saying it could be more reader error than anything. If you really thought he downed a moose with duck loads than this is beyond help. My point was, give the guy a break. It's obvious he shot the moose at a different time period. Before you ask for his head, maybe check with him first. Ya. This is the kinda stuff that comes up during the offseason.
  2. "Another Foiles Groupie? Try other calls you'll be amazed how much better other calls can sound....trust me" That's my opinion as well. It's a decent call but compared to a few others on the market..... But, you can kill birds over it and all that matters to some! I prefer to steal birds from the guys blowing the Foiles
  3. geeez! Can you guys read? "cuz I tried to scare one off when I was pushing an island one time" Seperate story...
  4. "A good musician doesn't blame his instrument." But a good musician doesn't buy his instrument at Walmart... A quality call WILL make a difference. Don't get me wrong, you can kill ducks over a $10 call but a quality wood or acrylic call will last forever and the sound won't change like those cheap calls.
  5. Hey. Reread his post. It's not that difficult guys!
  6. Geeez. Lay off the guy. First off, he said he dropped the moose--probably not using #2 steel. Second, he was in Canada. Third, that's a sweet story!!! Nice shot on the moose!!!
  7. I've got an 870 as well but I've never used 870 and extremely lightweight in the same sentence before
  8. Believe it or not, there are a few spots on LOW that you could hunt with a canoe and do VERY well!
  9. I've hunted both areas you talk about. Let me know if you want some info on LOW. I can probably help and if not, I know guys who can. Also, Upper Red is untouched as far as watefowling goes. Shoot me an email and I'll send you some LOW pics [email protected] And by the way, I would love that big boat!!!! LOW is not for land lovers. I think I have been afraid for my life on most outings
  10. Fish&Fowl. I can help you out. I've used a few different blinds. Send me an email. [email protected]
  11. Another option is the economy silosock. $40/dz. I would take these over a spread of mostly shells. I use some shells and fb's for realism but movement is huge.
  12. I would save your money and buy the new foots as well. New poses, more realism, and even the possibility of a cackler decoy??????? As for shells, I know GHG's are nice, but you MUST try the new Higdon shells. They are MUCH more durable than the GHG shells and IMO look better. I highly recommend them!
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