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  1. The difference is the wolf population has increased significantly over the past 15 years which has resulted in the decline in the moose population (and the deer population in NE MN)
  2. Charliepete, you are right, I don't have specific study to show the increase in wolves in MN... But who does? I think it is ridiculous that the DNR thinks and publishes that there are only 2,200 wolves in this state. I think there are way more, maybe around 5,000 in the state. There are way more wolves in MN than there were 10-20 years ago. I think anyone who runs trail cams in the woods of northern MN would agree because they have the evidence to prove the increase in sightings like I do. My personal experience is isolated to a certain area of NE MN by Orr, but friends and family who hunt in other areas are experiencing the same thing. I think it's obvious that wolves are the reason for the moose decline, but maybe I'm just too narrow minded to see the big picture...
  3. Charliepete - the answer to your question is not a tick that is weakening moose making them more vulnerable. It is the sharp rise in the wolf population that is resulting in more predation of moose and deer. In the area I deer hunt near Orr we have experienced a major increase in the wolf population over the past decade, and I know this isn't an isolated thing. Deer numbers are in serious decline up there too and it isn't just the cold weather that is doing it. This year we officially had more trail cam pics of wolves than deer for the first time.
  4. I hunted elk in northern Colorado this past fall and the moose population there has actually increased over recent years. There are more opportunities to hunt moose there than ever. Guess what - the wolf population is very low there. Our moose population isn't being affected by global warming or some crazy unknown parasite. IT'S THE WOLVES! Anyone who deer hunts northern MN knows what's going on. I'm thankful for this survey because it puts the truth in the spotlight.
  5. Wow, you really need to stop posting on this thread, because you have no idea what you are arguing against.
  6. When I fart wearing normal pants, it smells really bad. When I fart wearing my Scentlock pants, I can't hardly smell it... Good enough for me!
  7. Sorry, but that makes absolutely no sense at all.
  8. This conversation seems to now be going off the logic that APR results in hunters being able to only shoot big bucks (this 5 year old talk going on now). A big buck to be a mature 4 or 5 year old, right? APR requires a buck to have 4 points on one side, that's it. The vast majority of 2.5 year old bucks in MN have this. Put APR in for ONE YEAR, the yearlings live through that year, and the next year there are the same amount of "shooter" bucks in the population. Am I missing something here? This argument of hunters having to go without venison more often than not because of APR just doesn't make sense. Give APR a chance, within a couple years that forkhorn you usually shoot is now a decent 2.5 yr old 8 point with 20 more pounds of venison on him. That venison is just as good to eat as that last forkhorn you ate... Everyones a winner!!!!
  9. Mo Gator


    So I assume the shot was a miss???
  10. And then throw some wolves in there and it's a grand ole time!
  11. Thanks for the tips guys. I think we had the cams too far away from the bait. Both were about 30 feet away. Live and learn!
  12. Ok I was hoping to see thread on here about camera problems! We had two baits get hit on Saturday night, both with good cameras on them with full power batteries, and neither took a picture. These baits were tore up, had big logs moved all over, it was definitely bears... So I don't know what the heck the problem was. When we walked into the baits on Sunday it took pictures of us, and the cameras were pointed directly at the baits, so I'm pretty sure they were set up correctly. I should also mention these cameras have had no problem capturing night pictures of deer in the past. This might sound really dumb, but since bears are black, and it was very dark out Saturday night, might the cameras have failed to detect the motion?
  13. Two outta three for us. Got a daytime pic of one that looks to be around 200 lbs. Camera malfunctioned on the other bait that was cleaned out... GRRRR. Started another bait, so have four to check when we head back up Saturday morning. Looks like the heat might let up a little for Sunday, Monday!
  14. A note on different deer hunting cultures - I go turkey hunting in south central Iowa, got a buddy who has family down there. Their deer culture is so much different than ours. They find it absolutely ridiculous to kill a small buck, as do all of their neighbors. These guys are consistently killing 140/150 class bucks every year. Nothing is regulating them to let the young bucks live, they do it because they know what can and does happen. This buddy has been to my place and laughs at the medicore 8 & 9 point racks I have on plaques in the garage. He said "you actually took the time to put that on a plaque???" I understand there is less pressure in Iowa than we have here, but the land is very similar to alot of MN farm country.
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