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  1. Thanks for the great info everyone. His ribs do show. I had him to the vet and he is borderline underweight they said. I have tested and no worms. I have had many labs throughout my life and never had trouble with putting weight on. I will try some of the food and other items suggested. Thanks for the input.
  2. Thanks Darrin and Scott. I feed him about 6-7 cups a day. He weighs about 60 lbs but is above average in height. Paul
  3. I have a 4 Year old lab that is very energetic. No matter what dog food I feed him we just won't put much weight on. Any suggestions or recommendations for what type of food to feed him? I have try many major brands, Hi Energy dog food and was told to try puppy food. Still won't put weight on. Thanks in Advance.
  4. Thanks PJ. I know it's not the 2.5 that I have. I will try that first. Paul
  5. Do you know what the most recent software update is. I updated in 2 years ago but not sure if that is the most recent version. I am not sure how to check also. I am having this same issue on my 522. I think I need another new transducer. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Paul
  6. I have a 3 Year Old Lab Male that is very high strung and won't put any weight on. He had plenty drive in the field. Would it be beneficial to have him neutered. I am not planning on breeding him. Any Thoughts? Thanks,
  7. I was down in NW Iowa on Public Land and it was not good. I am hoping it's due to the crops still in but flushed 2 birds Sun-Mon after an ok Saturday.
  8. NWBuck. I agree. I hope to get down to Iowa then as well. I wasn't concerned about over limit. Only if I had a cold pheasant in the cooler Sat AM if I get checked by the DNR. Probably a non issue anyways. Probably won't chance it. Seems like to much trouble/hassle to hunt for a couple of hours. It should be easier than this. Oh well! Thanks all!
  9. Thanks Guys. I am concerned vs clarifying which state it was from. Iowa opens on Saturday so i would expect if I shoot 2 MN pheasants they may count them as IA pheasants on Sat. Which is no big deal I just don't want to break any laws. Thanks, Paul
  10. I am hunting out of state this weekend (Iowa) but want to hunt my way there. I plan on hunting in MN first. Does anyone know the regulations on bringing birds across the state lines? Do I have to count these as part of my birds in Iowa? Thanks,
  11. I agree with Labsareus. I used Ed also. He has done an outstanding job with my young lab.
  12. Mine gets it every time we have hunted. Pheasants at Game Farm and this week duck hunting. His eyelids droop and the lower part of the eye is pink. Anything I can do? Thanks,
  13. I have the G3 and I agree with Fish$Fowl. I can use it for weeks leaving on for extended periods of time.
  14. Cootz, You bought him from my Dad. Hope to see you this fall! Paul
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