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  1. No contest, Grouse. You will not find whiter, more tender meat. No comparison here.
  2. You know, Aaron mentioned that I should join you guys, however I have to be in St.Cloud that weekend to help a family member move. Thank you for the invite... Let me know if you're interested in looking at the land and I'll shoot you directions. Good luck on your trip, I've heard the fishing has been good.
  3. Hi Chuck. You guessed right it is me. How the heck have you been? Boy it's been a while since I've seen you. I think it was way back some years ago Jeff and I met you and Josh at Leech on the opener. As I recall it snowed 3 inches that Friday night. BRRRRR.
  4. 5 acre lot for sale up near Lake of the Woods. The property is located two miles from Babblers and Arneson’s Resort. For those of you that know this area well, it is known to have the best reef fishing on the south end of the lake. The lot is also close enough that you can see the lake from the road. Also, the property is high ground that is buildable. I’m only asking 14,900 for the property. Please let me know if you’re interested and I’ll give you directions to go look at it.
  5. My thoughts and prayers go out to your friends father.
  6. Heading up tomorrow to beat the rush. Plan on sneaking in a little walleye fishing on Rainy Friday. Hunt Zone 205. AKA Bermuda triangle. It's basically between Arneson's and long point at LOW. Pumped. Good luck everyone and be safe..
  7. The perfect house would be otter exterior and tub with the frabill seats. I've owned an otter since they've come out approx. 10 yrs. ago and I've got about a dozen patches on it from auger nicks, ice cleats rips and etc. Still ticking! I've go to say that their tubs are indestructable, canvas is thicker than most, but their biggest downfall and I mean HUGE shortcoming, is the fact that they still do not have a decent seating option. Last year I bought the swivel seat with the bars that extend from the front to the back, which holds the seat in place, the first time I hit the ice the bead on the aluminum brace broke. That week I brought the seat back to GM and the store rep. mentioned they were getting a lot of them back for this same problem. Because a guy sits so much in the house, this is an extremely important thing to think about when choosing the right house. I suppose a guy could say, OOh well, I'll just put a folding chair in it, but becaue the otter sled had ribs, it makes it difficult to get the seat in a comfortable position, or right where you want it. To be fair and honest, I'll tell you that I'm not a fan of the Clam either. They have their own set of problems. 1.Fabric more thin than competitors, not the most durable. 2.Tub is o.k., (but not an otter) Also my buddy had the smaller 2 man. This house plows snow behind his Snowmobile, the house fills with snow and he basically banks his house from the inside out. 3.Seems are single stitched. (Otter and Frabill are double) Now, Frabill, I've got to say has it's good points and bad too. Great fabric, thisck/durable, fire resistant, (up to par with Otter and Clam) 2. Excellent seating. Padded/Swivel It also has levers at the bottom of the sled that slide over the bottom bar that hold the house closed and these bars I will say, are extremely solid, (Iron, I think). #3. Color of the exterior fabric is black. Can't beat it. It soaks in the sun. Again, I have a dark green otter and on sunny days, unless it's -10 or colder, I never run the heat and can uncoat and be comfortable. The Frabill is Black, need I say more. Downfall, #1 The sides on the tub are dangerously close to the bottom and this same type of sled construction is the downfall to my buddies clam. Maybe someone reading these posts can confirm. If I had my choice of any house, I would put an otter tub on a Frabill liner! There you have it, the perfect house. Just my $.02
  8. Thanks for the reply's. My buddy has decided that was all he needed to hear to execute the deal.
  9. Hanson, Thanks for the reply! I know of the otter house as I have owned one since they've come out and still own the same one to date, (Really patchy, but still works). However they don't really have any good options for seating. Also, It seems that the Clams aren't building the same house that they used to, (If you know what I mean).Not trying to dig on anyone for owning either brand, just stating what I believe to be facts. Was wondering if the sled type will cause problems. One thing that was nice about his episodes last year was that he had plenty of snow on the inside of the sled to bank it inside out.
  10. I fish LOW a real lot and want to know if this auger has an extension option that can be used for Red and LOTW.
  11. Ryan_V Sorry forgot to mention that the flip over style is the type I'm referring to. Do you pull your new style with a snowmobile? Have you had issues with snow buildup in the house at the end of a journey.
  12. Hello all, I am a newby and happy to finally have a voice on this Great forum. Question, I was wondering if anyone that owns a frabill has had a problem with plowing into, rather than on top of powder. (My buddy is thinking of buying one). He right now has a Guide Series and is selling it. He had a problem with this house last year up at lake of the woods, with it plowing and filling up with snow even after covering it with the standard cover that was built for this model. The reason for concern is that the house he has, had this problem due to the fact that it has no slope in the front of it and it plowed rather than riding on top of the snow. Frabill looks to be a very good house, (Well Built) but the slope in the front is questionable. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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