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  1. Just did that for added protection.
  2. Been asking Camera shops, friends for ideas with no luck. I needed to get something that I could use to hold my Camcorder while I fishing in my 2 Man Flipover.Been asking Camera shops, friends for ideas with no luck. Finally last week, I came up with something that works. Just wanted to with the rest of the fanatics who use Camcorders in their tents or Flipovers. This eliminates usage of a Tripod as it can get in the way with 2 guys in the tent. This is what I got: (1) Walking Cane, (2)Metal over pins (1)Gorilla Pod A close up of the Cane and there is holes to adjust the height I turn it upside and attach Metal over pins to 2 legs of the Cane and to the main brace on the top Attach Camcorder to the Gorilla Pod. Legs are wrapped to the handle of the Cane. The handle has Foam on it so the Pod Legs will stay on good. Front view Back view Camcorder is set in the middle and out of the way. What do you guys think?
  3. tchow

    Fish ID: Sauger?

    Here's a pic of a "Saugeye" Was pretty sure what it was but sent pic to a buddy who is a Fisheries Biologist. Supposedly the way they determine is from counting the rays on the Dorsal. His eyes must be much better than mine as all he had was the pic.LOL Afterall, he is an expert. It's too bad that Alberta doesn;t recognize Saugeye as a separate species.
  4. Nice Vid on the 380 ! I get to cheat and have the older VS560 with the Pan. I did notice that you let alot of lite in while filming in your Flipover. Wondering if that helps to not get the " bar(s)" when using a Camcorder to film ? I'm stil trying to locate a Camcorder to hook up to the 560 and convert Analog to Digital. Hard to find anything here in Canada without going to Studio quality Cams. Lots in US but they don't ship to Canada ??? You have any suggestions ? Thanks
  5. tchow

    Longest perch?

    Buddy got this one while doing a recon to a new Lake. Got into some others averaging 13" Obviously gonna have to plan a trip to go after those Sumos..
  6. tchow


    Have the Clam Nanook and did the roof with Reflectix. Buddy had his new Big Buddy Heater out. It was about -12 to -15 without the Windchill. He had Heater on low setting and with Fan running. There was some condensation on the sides but not much. Heater was set near the front door. He took out a Temp Gauge and set it up near the top. Temperature inside was a nice 22 deg C
  7. Happened to my first Atlantis Cam. Cut the damaged area out and re-connected ends with Shrink Tubing, Electrical tubing and Silicone. Once she was all dry, was back in action with no problems.
  8. tchow


    Glad to be a member of (IMO) the most imformative Hardwater Forum, so from the Land of Buckle Bunnies and Stetson Studs.. Calgary, Ab Wishing all members to a very Merry X-Mas and a safe a properous Hardwater season in 2010!
  9. You're in luck. Just got mine recently and ordered from this place. They're out of Minnesota http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/clam-fish-trap-center-console.aspx?a=573411
  10. I've had a Mo-Pod for about 5 years now. No problems with it but others had problem with the plastic part that the Camera Cable is attached to. In the cold, it gets brittle and known to break off. Luckily it has not happened to me yet. I did not like the legs of it and found that without the snow around the hole, the leg would sometimes slip from position. Still use it though whenever I take out my Aquaview Cams out. I did pick up a Marcum VS560 with Panning feature and remote. It is like a built-in Mo-pod. Nice unti and waiting for Marcum to put the Panning feature into something like the 825C.
  11. If unsure of conditions on early Ice, always go with guys bigger than you. Let them go on first........
  12. I installed runners to the base and picked up the Clam Harness. Have not had the chance to use it the Harness yet but it looks like it'll make it way easlier to pull along. It comes with 2 lengths of Strap that are 8' Where the rope goes into the sled, I installed U-Bolts with Fender Washers for added strength around the holes. With my other tents, did the same as I find the ropes are too short that the units come with. With added length and Harness on, and pulling with Upper body and hands free, will make it easier to move around with a load. Still going to use the 1 Man but with Heater, 10" Auger, UW Cam, Sonar, lunch, and tackle....you get the picture with all this in the one Man...LOL With everything setup in the Nanook, it'll be much easier to get in/out by the Backdoor than the front door. That's the main reason I went it. Bonus is that I usually fish with a big young lad. He's more than helpful to pull the loaded Sled for me for trips I don't use the Quad. In a few years, your boy will be big enough to pull the Sled for you and can sit back and fish....LOL Good luck on the Hardwater.
  13. Why not go the larger Clam....the Nanook. I have a Eskimo 1 man and get a buddy to throw snow on the skirt once I get on to a spot. I picked up the Nanook and made some Mod's to it. Took out the factory seats and put in Boat seats. Also took off the bolts holding the Seat frame to the Sled. Now I can leave out one seat and fish solo with alot of room. One thing that did attract me to the unit is that they added the back D-door. Usually I run short of room when I set up the Heater, UW Camera and Sonar along with the holes. Now I can setup and get in/out via the Back door.. Just a thought...
  14. tchow

    Clam Nanook Mod

    I added the plain Nanook to my Arsenal for this year. I also agree that the seats were just too small. They would be just too uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time. I took the factory seats out and installed a couple of boat seats. I did the same a couple of years back on my Eskimo 1 man. Can remain seated for much longer and great for the roids...LOL Took the bolts that keep the seat frame in place as with larger seats, I needed a bit more space between the seats. Will be drilling new holes to reposition the seats. Would like to mention that I also installed a U-bolt at the back of the sled. On my 2 other tents, I installed the Hardware. Now I can hook them up to be towed behind the Quad. Imagine a B-train on Hardwater with Flip-overs..... Here's a pic with boat seats
  15. Wondering if anyone can suggest a Camcorder to hook into a Marcum VS560? Currently have a JVC HD Digital Camcorder setup on a Gorilla Pod to record screen from the 560. Pod is then attached to the poles of my Flipover tent. There is no A/V inputs on the JVC, just outputs. Thanks in advance for any suggestions? PS: Already thought of picking up the Marcum 825C but it doesn't have the Panning feature like the 560. Spoke to a Rep and there is an LCD w/Panning feature in the making. Have a safe and successsful Hardwater season Terry
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