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  1. Savage Brewer, you are correct a closing dam runs parallel with the channel. The new Hotspot Map of 5 and 5a seems to have the dams marked pretty good. Watched a Rapala wrapped boat hit a log or something today saw him stuck in the mud last year. The best way is to have some one show you around. I've been playing on 5 and 5a for 3 years and still get confused without following my gps trails at times. If you can get down here on a weekend there are enough locals running around to figure out the main cuts, there are miles of slop in 5a backwaters. Just watch for logs keep it on plane but slow till you know where you are going and be prepared to see your graph reading allot of 2ft.
  2. Apegs, Hotspot just came out with a new paper map of 5 and 5a. Lakemaster Hbird chip is good for the main channel but gives no depth detail of the backwaters. I believe Fountain city or Alma has a rod and gun club bass tourney this Sat. Might be a good day for some casual observation. It would at least give you an idea where you can go in the backwater and where not. Lots of real skinny water with good fishing. There are plenty of cuts that you can run on plane and unfortunately there are more than a few wing and closing dams in the backwaters that aren't marked.
  3. chak

    998 SI mounting

    here is where i put mine. Rite on the holeshot plate, works great and little chance of doing any damage to the ducer.
  4. friends don't let friends drive lunds.
  5. chak

    Boat advice

    If your happy with your Skeeter than the MX1825 would be nice. Its kinda a crossover, walleye hull but decks set more for bass fishing. Has a windshield seats 6 and has decent storage for rods and tackle.
  6. Thanks, Jack for the sevenstrand tip !
  7. Here is a couple of my new rig, still not sure how I talked the wife into it. I guess the fact she loves to fish has something to do with it.
  8. sid0120, thought I'd try to help you out with this unit. I have one on my Smokercraft- with a 115 opti. The Smartcraft interface is worth more than $200 alone! With it you can monitor, water temp, water pressure, fuel in gph or mpg, rpm, trim gauge, motor hours,speed and voltage. There is also a trolling interface that allows you to control your motor with this unit, you to bump your rpm up or down in 10 rpm increaments. Any alarm your gets will throw up a message also, I've seen it twice once for low oil and once for high temp (dang weeds ). That Smartcraft is just nice peace of mind. The graph itself has been good also with no issues. just my .02
  9. Here is a tip for bunk trailers. Swing back by the ramp and spray your bunks with Camp Dry or any silcone based water repelant once your bunks have dried off in the sun. Makes loading and unloading alot easier. Better keep that safety chain on thou makes pushing the boat off and cranking it up alot eisier on shallow ramps. One aplication will last about a season.
  10. I've owned a Pro Angler 171 for 3yrs no real complaints on the boat. I had to re-enforce the rod locker hinges on the ends but i'm a 260 pound guy and like to walk on them. My only complaint would be from the marina I purchased it from. Just don't buy it from the dealer that starts with L
  11. Sounds like fun I'll be there. So close and never fished the lake guess that needs to change. The public landing on 4 at 7 am correct?
  12. I also bought a boat this fall 05 Smokercraft Pro Angler 171 with a 05 115 Merc Optimax. The boat came with a AP Minnkota 55 and a Navman color graph with Merc Smartcraft interface. I've added a anchor and a few other little things. I still have to figure out where the stereo speakers are going to go, guess I'm alittle leary about cutting holes in a boat that has yet to see the water.
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