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  1. I know of Big and Little Otter, but what are some other good trout streams in the Cloquet area?
  2. i was working a food plot on sunday and found five.
  3. Yeah i had one on last weekend from shed hunting
  4. Hopefully ill hook into one like that this summer
  5. Some basic things id do if it was a used bow was check for cracks in the limbs, check draw length and weight, nd if possible shoot a few arrows through it to check for rattling parts.
  6. Muzzy's. Personaly i use 4 blade 90's and i love them
  7. Quote: I have two Tikka's a .223 and a .270WSM both in the T3 lite. I LOVE THEM. I highly recommend a Tikka. I second that
  8. wish I was there. I race fer CEC and we got 2nd in the section meet
  9. what colors do you gus recommend
  10. i havent been to gander in a while and was also wondering how those guide series round baitcasters were(saw em on tv). What about price.
  11. Hmm, I saw that same episode and was wondering where to get plastics like that
  12. How is this reel. I wanna use it fer muskies.
  13. During the last weekend of rifle season we shot at a rotted wood spool at 500 yds. One of my uncles friends shot a 30.06 and only penetrated about 3/4 of an inch. I told that to a friend at school and he said he shot at a piece of 1/2 inch steel with an .06 at 550 yards and it went through. Could there be that much difference in penetration. And does faster speeds increase penetration at longer ranges.
  14. I find it a good way to keep in shooting shape for when rifle season comes around. If you can get consistent at hitting a rabbit with a .22 you should be able to hit a deer that is either standing or slowly moving pretty easily.
  15. Quote: We had a great hunt in Canada again this year. I shot this noce 140" Ten pt the second mornign of the Trip, Then Greg shot the monster 21 pt 176" deer. the shed in the photo is from Gregs buck, I found it after I shot mine, Greg's buck actually walked up to us as we were dragging mine out of the woods. [image]http:// Man That is a HOG!!
  16. I got a Tikka T3 Lite Stainless .270 before rifle opener and when we sighted it in i shot a whole box a shells. I dodnt really think about this but it didnt have that much effect anyway.
  17. Mathews SQ2 and yes Chevy is way better then ford
  18. Last fall I was rifle hunting a gravel-pit off of a road and this lady comes down and lets her dogs chase the deer that are in the process of coming to the pit. I was mad. She knows that is our land and we have told her many times to keep the dogs on a leash.
  19. I have heard they work good but they are less durable
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