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  1. I know of Big and Little Otter, but what are some other good trout streams in the Cloquet area?
  2. sweet song cant wait
  3. i was working a food plot on sunday and found five.
  4. Yeah i had one on last weekend from shed hunting
  5. Hopefully ill hook into one like that this summer
  6. Some basic things id do if it was a used bow was check for cracks in the limbs, check draw length and weight, nd if possible shoot a few arrows through it to check for rattling parts.
  7. Muzzy's. Personaly i use 4 blade 90's and i love them
  8. Quote: I have two Tikka's a .223 and a .270WSM both in the T3 lite. I LOVE THEM. I highly recommend a Tikka. I second that
  9. wish I was there. I race fer CEC and we got 2nd in the section meet
  10. what colors do you gus recommend
  11. i havent been to gander in a while and was also wondering how those guide series round baitcasters were(saw em on tv). What about price.
  12. Hmm, I saw that same episode and was wondering where to get plastics like that
  13. How is this reel. I wanna use it fer muskies.
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