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  1. Duffman, great looking rig - where do you mount the transducer for the showdown?
  2. First of all, thank you for the great responses... both pros and cons. I think I will hold off at the moment on the custom tune/chip and bank the money in the event of other issues: tranny, front end, brakes, etc... The newfound power that the custom tune and/or chip could provide is tempting - as it would be A LOT of fun, but my foot would not have the discipline to hold off. The truck currently pulls the horse trailer and boat just great, and I personally would be best off leaving well enough alone - as we need a reliable pulling truck. Thanks again fellas' - your experience and knowledge are much appreciated!
  3. I know you said aluminum, but I wouldn't rule out a Coleman poly-canoe. It is a little heavier (17' RAMX), but it is VERY easy to fish out of, and it really takes the abuse! Have had it for 15 years and still works great.
  4. One more question for the diesel guys... the truck is a '97 F-350 with the 7.3 diesel and 240K miles. Everything works fine and dandy, but have heard some interesting stories about putting a performance chip in to boost acceleration, or dial in fuel economy. Are they worth putting in? Does it harm the life of the engine/transmission? Are there other parts that need to be "beefed up" before adding the chip? I am totally clueless, so any advice would be very helpful. Thanks in advance!
  5. Wow! Great information from great guys - thank you, very much. The cetane boost sounds like a cheap insurance plan for the injectors, I will start using this. There truck has every manual except the service manual, so this was good advice too - need to find a copy. Regular oil changes and high-quality filter changes - makes good sense. Plug it in on cold days, cycle glow plugs. Anything else I missed? And thanks for sharing your knowledge!
  6. Picked up an old Ford F350 (1997) with the 7.3 diesel. I have never owned a diesel engine and need some advice on routine maintenance and what precautions to take in the wintertime... Thanks in advance for anything you could offer!
  7. Thanks for the input fellas' - much appreciated!
  8. I have a pair of Cannon, Uni-troll10 downriggers completely rigged with braided steel line, weights, with release. Each downrigger has a dual rod holder. Came with the boat, never use them and want to put them up for sale. What's a fair price to ask for the pair? Thanks much for any input!!
  9. My Rocky Blizzard Stalkers are junk as well - just when I got them broke in so they felt comfortable, the back of the boot cracked all over rendering them useless as far as being waterproof. Might have to take your advice and look at the Irish Setters - are they made under Red Wing boots?
  10. Michelin AT/2 on both a F-150 and Excursion. Great in snow, quiet on the highway, and long life. The Excursion has 15K on the tires and they still look new! Sounds like other tires will get the job done too, but these have worked for me.
  11. Just make sure you wait until squirrel season opens this fall. Have fun!
  12. Thanks for the advice Hanson... I always appreciate and respect your two cents. I think I will be going with the Empire - easier than dealing with the battery issues.
  13. There's a place in St. Peter that has about 20 different models to walk through. Was great for looking at all the layout combinations, as we are in the process of having one built this year also... my favorite idea for the v-front was putting a counter in the corner (storage underneath) with an entertainment center cabinet above it.
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