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  1. Boomdog...it's a great event, and I'd say the kids have more fun than the adults. They've got a ton of giveaways, and every kid who registers even the smallest of fish won't go away empty handed. My kids did it when they were 10 and 11 and they had a blast. It's only a few hours long, too, so that's not an issue... Give it a shot !
  2. Wilcraft makes a great product....but have you seen the Wilcraft Bikini Team ??? Now that's a great product!
  3. Don't forget to use your car as a windblock. Simple, but very effective...
  4. JD...haven't seen any ads. But can tell you for sure that Fishapalooza is off for this year.
  5. Not sure about Big Marine, but Forest Lake had a bunch of open water on 1st Lake this morning. Was kind of suprised at how much!

    Hole Size

    Portageman, I too have one of those 5" hand augers...best drillin' auger out there. But as the ice thickens I turn to my Strikemaster 224 !
  7. Hello gents, The cancellation of the event really was a compilation of a number of reasons. Perhaps the largest was (as mentioned above) that a couple of the very biggest sponsors will not participate this year for various reasons of their own. Very much hope to be back in 2010 though. See you on the ice !
  8. Fish Shrink, Enjoy the trip ! Bayfield is one of the more picturesque places around. Your boat can handle the Apostle Islands. Take care going outside of them though. Deep Sinker is right in recomending a VHF radio. That's a key on that lake. Just do some island hopping. See some of the lighthouses.... Enjoy ! Chaquamegon Bay (a little south) is a renowned smallie fishery, if you're looking for that. A stop at a bait shop will yield coordinates for you, to put you on them. Good luck.
  9. Enough so that I find it necessary to list with my insurance guy!!
  10. Hammer Handle... What made you even try 7 up??? I envision some story of being stuck in northern Canada on a fly-in trip, gone bad...and you needing to store some fish, but only had 7 up...blah, blah, blah

    State Bird

    I recognize that webcam !! That east side of Mille grows 'em bigger than owls !! I use to keep my icehouse there and use it as a makeshift cabin in the summer. On some hatch days, the trees would have swarms of them in it, and the whole thing would be buzzing... The walleye's love 'em !


    A buddy and I tied on 9 to 10 ft snells while Lindy riggin Mille Lacs this weekend. We were one of VERY few boats catching fish (that we could see). I usually increase the snell length the tougher the bite is. And, slow the boat down in the same scenario... Good luck...
  13. Coming off the Croix a coupla years ago (at the Bluffs), I was driving my boat up and onto the trailer. I occasionally will drive it up, power it a bit further and then keep the motor running as I walk up and hook up the strap. So I did...succesfully. The next guy in line was probably watching and now that it's his turn, he decided to do the same thing....in his fiberglass old runabout. Long story short, he didn't back the trailer down nearly enough, and when he goes to power it up onto the trailer, he impails his boat onto the vertical post of the trailer that the winch is on. The thing literally goes right through the fiberglass. Will never forget it...
  14. BGB, I like the way you think. Two years ago I happened upon a sunnie spot that had us taking candy from a baby. We got smart, took ten each, and left the thing alone. A month ago we went back, and did it again. Selective Harvest makes a difference, and it's each of our responsibility. Nice job !!
  15. Just got done reading close to 8 pages of comments...some seriously opinionated fishermen out there. I use to not even like saying the word 'bass'. Walleyes and pannies were the only thing in my world. Then I started fishing bass with a friend, then got into a league, and now fish a few bass tourney's a year. I've learned so much about fishing by changing species...that I can't even start to list. I'm even now looking into 'fly' fishing. Yet another word I couldn't stand to utter a few years back...
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