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  1. Well my season started off slow. Took my 4yr old daughter out yesterday afternoon. Got the blind setup, two chairs , two decoys and the hunt begins. Sat there for about 30 mins and decided to call and call and call not hearing anything my daughter (Bailey) said let me try dad, this is how you use this call(box call). She went to town on it and it was decent next thing you know we look out the blind and....... Here comes a John Deere tractor through the field. I told her nice job calling in the "deere" she didn't think it was funny and said " this tractor needs to go , I'm bored, Lets go home". So that was the end of day one. Went out his morning got set up wind was blowing 25-30 and could hear anything. So I turned around and spotted a tom at 125-150 yds and on the move. I hurried up to get in front of him so I started walking up a wash out and was half way to the woods when I saw movement in front of me just my luck its 3 toms and 5-6 hens. Jig was up and they moved into the woods and then the thunderstorm rolled in so I went home and took a nap. After waking up i went back to where those toms where early and I saw them on the side hill where I just was in the morning. So got my stuff and headed to the edge of the woods got on all fours and started crawling and crawling then I got to a fall in tree sat up looked through binos and nothing. waited about 5-10 minutes scanning and then I spotted a fan about 75 yds in front of me then he disappeared. got on my belly and started slithering like a snake in some grass to a little sapling about 20 yds ahead of me.....No turkey in sight. waited 5-10 minutes looked to my right and here came 3 toms making a b-line right towards me and then i crawled to another sapling 10yds away and I'm about ready to sit up.......BAM 6 hens 20yds away .. never spooked them and then ..churp...churp.churp..then they all started cackling and churping ..Then a gobble to my left look over and here comes those three toms...I slowly pick up the gun ....raise it .... take aim at lead tom..... BANG... turkey dead!!!!! To say i was excited was an understatement.. Been hunting these birds for the last two yrs. 24.5 lbs 7/8 spurs 9.5 inch beard
  2. CAlvin- when we go to Wyoming the harvesting of an animal is just the icing on the cake. We go out there to have a good time and enjoy each others company which is what hunting is all about. We have been hunting out there for over 20 yrs and every year its like its the first, there is just something about heading out West that is majical.
  3. Went out today and noticed some of the snow has melted but there is still 20+ inches of snow. Followed deer trails for 3hrs and found no antlers. I did find a dead deer. So far this year 1 matched set, 1 single, 1 dead buck and 6 dead doe/fawns. I need more of this snow to melt. I feel the antlers were dropped during the being of January and are at he bottom of the 20+ inches of snow. Nice find hightower!!!
  4. Walked for 2 miles yesterday on some public in Iowa. Snow was shin to knee deep. Only found a dead doe and dead button buck..... Oh ya and a live possum in a corn field. We are suppose to get another 4-7 inches of snow not good for looking for antlers.
  5. Finally got another chance to get out and look for more antlers this past friday and also today. Last friday walked some standing corn and found a 5pt side buried deep in the snow. Today i walked three different places must have put on 3 miles or more. Finally on the last spot I spotted a deer leg sticking out of the snow went over to investigate and after about 10-15 minutes of diggin in the snow I spotted a nose and took a step back and I stepped right on its antler. It was a basket 8pt. Having best year to date even with the snow being knee to thigh high in most spots.
  6. Ya I agree with you guys on her killing that buck. I wouldn't care if she shot it. I'm half tempted to put those antlers on a cape and hang it on the wall.( my brother does taxidermy) I had this buck at 26yds in the fall of 2009 but didnt have a shot and boy did he grow alot in one year. after measuring the antlers and estimating his spread. He would gross in the low 160s.
  7. here are some pics of the sheds I talked about in the previous post. What do you guys/gals think?
  8. So I have been trying to talk mY wife into bow hunting for the past couple of years and finally this winter she said she WOULD like to try it. So for Christmas got her a coat, bibs, and boots. Now I had to try and get her even more interested. What better way then going for a "nature hike" to break in her new hunting clothes and boots. So we went out on Monday and went to a farm where I have trail cam pics of a couple bruisers.. .. So we walked for a while with knee high snow and the wife wasnt to thrilled but I wasn't gonna turn back... so we continued to a picked bean field and I told her we needed to walk to a standing corn field that was 1/2 mile away.. after some looks from the wife we marched over to a side hill next to the standing corn.... I walked the top and she walked along the bottom and half way through the walk I hear " I think I found one",, No you didn't, I said.. " No really I did" I head over to her and shure enough she found the left side to a buck I named "showtime" ( I have 3 yrs of trail cam pics of this buck)... Needless to say I was pumped.... We walked for another 45 minutes looking for the other half in the standing corn and nothing... so we headed back to where she found the first one and She walk the top and I the bottom... About20 yds from the first shed the wife was trying to walk down to me and she got caught in a vine and fell down... she stood up and said" look here are some more deer beds... Wait I think i just found another one" .. are you serious I said....." Yes I really did".. I ran through the snow like it was melted and wouldn't you believe it the matching side to the first one.... I was jacked at this point.... The wife says" If i hunt this year I'm hunting right here!!!!" So the wife goes out for the first time EVER and finds two sheds from a buck i've been trying to kill for 3 yrs... I think she is getting the FEVER and I love it....
  9. Thanks for posting the pics bro. I think I'm still on cloud nine. This is the biggest buck I've ever taken and like Kyle said a day after my 28th B-day. To the story I picked up my mom to go hunting in the am on sat and wanted to set up on a field road that had standing corn on both sides and it led up to a 10 acre woods. I had 190 pics on the trail cam in the first 6 days of November in this spot. So we are getting set up when I see head lights coming down the road. I was thinkin not this s!*t again. So i walk up there are 4 guys jump out of this truck and say they got permission from my great aunt on friday afternoon and went in and hung 3 tree stands in the woods. Needless to say I was [PoorWordUsage]. I told them who I was and I was trying to get my mom her first deer ever!! Thinking they would show some respect and maybe come back and hunt maybe mid morning. NOPE jsut keeping getting dressed and walk up to and sit in the woods. Now i'm really [PoorWordUsage]. So i get mom and move to a different spot by this time almost day break. We are chillin there when mom taps me on the shoulder and says"DEER. DEER, on the hill" yep a doe running over the hill our way and i'm telling mom to get ready.. WAIT WAIT little closer and then.... the deer took a right turn into some standing corn. I felt bad. the shot would have been about 100 yards and just wanted it to be closer for her. I could tell her blood was pumping. So I tell her to sit tight and I'm going to walk this fenceline back to her. I start up the fenceline about half way there I saw something move.. a DEER and then another but instead of running to mom they went and ran across the road and up to the woods where the guys were and Wham!! Wham!!. Not sure if they got them. but I think my head was about ready to explode.. By this time we get back to Grandpas and meet up with dad(just got off work) and my cousin Travis. It about 930 and very windy and snowing. Thinking time to go home and take a nap called the wife told her i was on my way home. But for some reason I had to drive around our section. i take a right out of grandpas and go about 1/2 mile and look into a 100 acre crp/swampy area and see a deer pop out of some stick weed. I hit the breaks and pull over ,grab the binos and "Holy S!$t its a buck!!! I whip around and everyone else follows. We get on the south side of this crp and watch the buck chase a doe back and forth through the grass and all we could see was his head and antlers. We call the land owner and get permission to hunt it because they are in there 60's and weren't going to walk in that grass. I post mom and Travis on south end of grass and (WInd is out of the NW) and i slipped to the east side along the road and kinda of move slowly and walk towards the north and the west. Finally get to an opening and look fo r the buck and see his antlers in the grass. Hes bedded down. As I'm watching him here comes a fawn running fromt he north to south about 30 yards in front of me and then a little buck. I let them go and decide screw it I can't see him anyomre time to go after him. i get to where i thought he was and look to my left and hes looking right at me can't be more that 25 yards I pull up the gun....WHAM.. takes of running...WHAM.. still going...WHAM... i hear a crash into some saplings and then my cousin shoots twice. I thinkin no way i missed I start swearing and then walk into the little trees and there he lays dead....He has 5 inch bases...16 1/2 " spread...21 inch main beams.. longest tine is 7" or so.. Huge body. field dressed over 200lbs.. I wish mom would have got him but I'll take him.. I will says thanks to my brother for the golden horse shoe this year.
  10. Went out sunday night and sat from 4:30 till dark. hard 2 adult does come in with two fawns. the fed for ever and i actually filmed them for 20 minutes and then decided to take one of the does . Shot her at 15 yards ran about 40 and died. they didn't come out till 7ish. I would recommend the 2-blade Rage broadheads. The entrance and exit wounds were bigger than my shot gun holes and even my rifle with balistic tips. Hopefully will get out again before going to wyoming to hunt some mule deer and antelope
  11. Bryan- I understand your frustration. Our hunting party had a similar thing happen but this was about 12 years ago when i first started hunting, we had wounded a really really big 12 pointer. shot it behind the last rib and came out behind the shoulder, we tracked it for a mile having many chances to seal the deal but we were all about 12 to 13 years old. making the story short. We had tracked it to an adjacant property and found the gut pile. well what had taken place was two guys saw the buck lie down and decided to shoot it from the road and them one guy put his wife's tag on it. needless to say his hunting buddy turned him in for poaching because he never got to tag it. well we never got the meat or the rack. the buck scored somewhere in the 150's to 160's i believe. like you said took you 18 years to shoot a nice one. its' been 15 years since that season and still nothing that nice. so there's always next year.
  12. I forgot to add that the deer was shot on public land in northern iowa about 35 miles south of Albert lea.
  13. I haven't had much luck this year shot my first deer with my bow back in Sept. but no luck since. My friend called tonight to tell me his uncle shot a 13pt buck with drop times on each side. His dad said they couldn't fit there hands around the bases. They are guessing it's going to score upwards in the 180's even possible 190's. i haven't seeen the pics. He was about to shoot a ten when a car honked its horn and he looked up and the BIG buck was running right down the fenceline right to him, shot it at 20 yards. Deer ran within 5 yards went for another arrow so nervous dropped it on the ground. When i get the pics i'll post them. Glad someone has some luck.
  14. excellent story Dag and congrats on your buck this year. photo looks good too. thanks for leaving the big one out there for me to through some lead at hopefully this weekend, but congrats again on your deer and nice pics from wyoming
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