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  1. I wonder if you could catch a Swordfish with one?
  2. You picked the right one for a hand auger. I would rate these the best 3 hand augers... 1. Nils Master 2. Fin Bore III 3. Strikemaster Lazer Just remember to take care of any auger blades and never bang them into the ice.
  3. Matt, I thought you used Marcum flashers? What changed?
  4. I'm same height,5 pounds heavier, and wear the same jean size. I got the large coat and the medium bibs. They fit perfectly. The jacket will have plenty of room to put several layers underneath if you wish. I would have been swimming with too much room if i got the large bibs.
  5. Seag, You love these and fishing rod debates, admit it.
  6. Does anybody know where these rods are made? I thought I read that they are made overseas. Is that correct or not?
  7. Quote: Is it possible to buy just a set of Arctic Armor bibs or do you have to buy the whole suit? I saw you can buy just the arctic armor bibs on Walleyedan's websites. My arctic armor suit should be arriving next week.
  8. swags_7


    Quote: Does anyone have any info about the software update? I can't seem to find any information about it on their HSOforum. Help! Give them a call and they will give you a return authorization number for returning it. They'll ask you to include a $10 check to cover shipping charges. click on this link for the new software info VPG software upgrade info
  9. There are several in that size, but different amperage. I get the 9 amp hour ones now. Same size, just higher amperage, which means longer run time.
  10. NO. Here is a chart to determine your battery state of charge. If the battery has been charging, then it's important to let the battery set for 2 to 3 hours without a load or charger connected to stabilize before testing. Otherwise, your reading will be high, caused by a phenomenon called "surface charge". The chart above, and most other ratings applied to lead acid batteries assume that the battery is at room temperature: 21 degrees C or about 70 degrees F. As the temperature of the battery drops, so will the fully-charged voltage reading. It seems to be safe to say that for each 10 degrees F drop in temp, you can expect to see the voltage drop of about a tenth of a volt. (.10 volt) That means that a battery at 32 degrees F with a no-load voltage reading of 12.35 volts is fully charged. Hope this helps.
  11. I need a shanty to keep the wind, rain, sleet, and snow off of me. These insulated shanties don't do that any better than my otter. I don't need it to keep me warmer, that's what my clothing is for. I can't use my shanty while hunting, but I use the same clothes for hunting. And I'm definately not going to pull a 135 pound or heavier shanty around by hand(and that's before my icefishing gear). Don't try to mix apples with pomegranates in your comparisons, it doesn't fly.
  12. I had a similar thing happen last year to my one croix. I just took a small drill and drilled out the remaining tip from the end guide. Then reglued it onto the rod. I only lost one inch on the rod and you'd have a hard time telling it wasn't made that way. That rod worked fine all last ice season.
  13. You won't find runner kits at U.S. Plastics, only the runner material. You'll still have to supply the screws and nuts to fasten them to your sled. On their site do a search for "UHMW rectangular bar". Then just pick the size of material you want. They come in 5' lengths. If you want everything supplied for you, then go to the otter site and order their hyfax kit.
  14. Here's a post from a year ago that may help you out. DIY Runner kits
  15. Scotty, I'm pretty certain the aqua vu recorder won't work with the marcum camera's.
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