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  1. That's a good idea!! So you have your name, etc on your house and the tag attached to your zipper?? I miss the sticker style.
  2. I'm guess you could save a few $$$ doing it yourself. I'm going to give them a try and if they work, i might try to make a few. The plant itself is around 10 bucks.
  3. Couldn't resist....had to order 2 SOS today. Will report back once I get a chance to use them. $37.00 shipped.....It's only money, right??
  4. I was reading my manual yesterday and it said you can put your LX-3's transducer on the ice to check the depth. Does anyone do this, cause I thought it wasn't good to turn your unit on without it being in the water..??
  5. Thanks for clearing that up...
  6. If people are using it at upper red lake, how can it be illegal in MN?? Can someone verify this?
  7. Thanks for the tips. That is going to be the bigest thing, trying to figure out how to run it.
  8. Went out on Saturday to use my LX-3 and I don't know how I fished this long without one. Seeing your bait fall and then watching a fish come up to it is awesome. Can't wait to go to URL in a few weeks. Well worth the $$$$.
  9. I just bought a shark z51 and it says...and i qoute "run auger with a 20:1 ratio for the first 20 hours, then mix at 25:1
  10. http://www.arcshows.com/shows/display.cfm?showID=4
  11. robj

    New GPS

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