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  1. robj

    New licenses/tags

    That's a good idea!! So you have your name, etc on your house and the tag attached to your zipper?? I miss the sticker style.
  2. robj

    "structure on a string" SOS

    I'm guess you could save a few $$$ doing it yourself. I'm going to give them a try and if they work, i might try to make a few. The plant itself is around 10 bucks.
  3. robj

    "structure on a string" SOS

    Couldn't resist....had to order 2 SOS today. Will report back once I get a chance to use them. $37.00 shipped.....It's only money, right??
  4. I was reading my manual yesterday and it said you can put your LX-3's transducer on the ice to check the depth. Does anyone do this, cause I thought it wasn't good to turn your unit on without it being in the water..??
  5. robj

    "structure on a string" SOS

    Thanks for clearing that up...
  6. robj

    "structure on a string" SOS

    If people are using it at upper red lake, how can it be illegal in MN?? Can someone verify this?
  7. robj

    First time out with my LX-3

    Thanks for the tips. That is going to be the bigest thing, trying to figure out how to run it.
  8. Went out on Saturday to use my LX-3 and I don't know how I fished this long without one. Seeing your bait fall and then watching a fish come up to it is awesome. Can't wait to go to URL in a few weeks. Well worth the $$$$.
  9. robj

    Mako Auger Gas Mix?

    I just bought a shark z51 and it says...and i qoute "run auger with a 20:1 ratio for the first 20 hours, then mix at 25:1
  10. robj

    St. Paul Ice Fishing Show

  11. robj

    New GPS

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