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  1. So where are same good state trails that are relatively close to the twin cities for some riding this weekend? What is everyones favorite?
  2. I have the exact same setup as you, going downwind/downcurrent I find that I move in the 2.2-2.4mph range with the 75 just bumped into gear. Up current or upwind I move at a much more tolerable 1.8 mph Try the drift sock stretched between the front cleats, sounds like it accomplishes your goal of slowing down, without losing the maneuverability of the boat.
  3. I've had one on my 55# AP, for a few years, works well I like it a lot.
  4. Quote: I owned a frabill twin for 2 months and didnt really like it. The tub design made it hard to pull through snow and frabill doesnt offer runners for it. I thought the construction was kind of cheap also. I am much happier with my otters now. I thought I was the only one that didn't like the way the XLtwin pulled, I agree that its difficult to pull and kind of digs into the snow when being pulled. I guess thats why i bought a 4wheeler. Once it's out on the spot a I think it's a great shack, durable, and roomy enough for two guys.
  5. Amazing results, Who said a single person(s) can't make a difference? Thanks to FM for the opportunity to do so.
  6. I kicked in, keep it going. The only two adjectives I can think of to describe this story are: disturbing despicable Lets get enough $ to get this guy a replacement shack.
  7. I've got a Frabil XLTwin, on cold days the buddy isn't enough heat IMO. I use a regular size Mr heater sunflower, does the job in even the coldest weather. The big buddy has significantly more BTU, so I'd guess you'd probably be OK with that one.
  8. I've got an 05 arctic cat 500, got it in November, great price. So far so good, runs smooth plenty of power. Had it out on the ice today, me and two buddys, one sittin on the front rack and one on the back, and pullin a portable. Handled it no problem, it paid for itself today. good luck
  9. think I found my problem, my airbox had come loose and caused the rubber sealing ring around the carb to partially come off and tear. Ipulled the airbox out and am going to try new rubber sleeve. Do you think that torn/loose sleeve could exhibit the symptoms I mentioned above? Do you think that part is dealer only deal? Thanks for the suggestions, I don't know too much about sleds.
  10. My worst was my first, had early 70's, baby blue Dodge Dart, slant 6, 3 on the tree, absolute rust bucket. My friends and I used to call it the "birth control" car......it was hideous.
  11. Quote: What exactly is hifax hard plastic strips about 1/2" thick. They are fastened to the bottom runners on your fish house tub. They make the sled track straighter, also helps to decrease the amount of wear on the plastic tub.
  12. azzclwn

    winch question

    I was looking for a winch for my 500 Arctic Cat, and stumbled across a deal at Sams club. $80 for a 2000lb winch, mounting plate, roller lead,snatch block and all necessary wiring/switches. The brand is Champion. I got it mounted last week and it seems to work pretty well. Anyone have any experience with this brand? I know, I know, buy a Warn, you get what ya pay for, I've heard it, just couldn't bring myself to spend $400 for a winch.
  13. I've got and XLTwin, the older model with the bench seat. I like it, it's been a good shack, a little on the heavy side if you are pulling it by hand
  14. thanks Quote: BR9ES is the correct plug.
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