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  1. So for all you late season big water trolling guys out there here is a question. What line should I use mono or braid? Now before you jump all over this one and give the obvious answer (mono), here are the factors: 1) Using a 9' Rod MH with Fast Action 2) 20 degree temps or lower likely 3) Line Counter reel. 4) Trolling 14" Jakes My first inclination as I said was mono, but....This rid is VERY flexible, a lot of give to it, fast action tip, which was awesome last year trolling big Jakes 14" cause when they hit rocks the rod would bend fast and the lure would pop right up. Last year I used braid 85#, but was not using a line counter reel, this year I will be. My worry with mono paired with this rod is TO MUCH give or stretch. Your thoughts and opinions most appreciated. Steve
  2. The Facts: There was a legitimate 50 lb + fish caught on November 30th by an older gentleman row trolling. He kept it. Yes it was huge. There are plenty of photo's not to mention the man's reputation to vouch for it. That is for the original post. Second, the other supposed giant fish was in fact a hoax/joke by an individual on the Musky Hunter web site. He set out to teach everyone a lesson. I am not going to say more about that. Finally, I don't have the exact info in front of me but I do believe the DNR has netted fish in excess of 60" on several occasions. Good luck getting them to say where though. I suspect that a new world record is closing in within the next few years. Several state records could probably already have been broken if the guys catching the fish had wanted to keep their catch. They didn't. In the end we can only speculate about how big these fish can get. No one really knows. Huff and puff, bluster all you want, but NO ONE knows. Blowing harder won't prove anything. I hope I catch the next world record. The state record was only 2&1/2 inches away this fall. That would be cool! Tight Lines, Steve
  3. In the end it looks like a fundamental difference in how we use or value our resources. For some the resource is there to be consumed. This has been thoughout time the predominant, and I would say until recently, the only ethic out there. For others, and this is clearly a growing minority, the resources we have are to be enjoyed yes, but not consumed. Hence "catch and release", "leave no trace", "shoot photo's not bullets", etc. Unfortunately, as with any new and emerging ethic, there are those who will, justly or unjustly, feel threatened by it. Conversely, there will be individuals within the new ethic who feel the need to challenge the "old gaurd". (I could be said to fll into this catagory.) I am sure there is a middle ground on this issue. I will say personally I just don't like it nor do I think it qualifies as a sport, or is in any way sporting. That is just me. What I really would be interested in is a demographic survey of it's proponents and opponents. I am wondering, is spearing a form of fishing? Is Dynamite a form of fishing? Is anything designed to harvest fish a form of fishing? And its all good right? Steve
  4. Not sure why people are talking about fishing through the ice for anything when it's gonna be 60 degrees here tomorrow! Open water season continues. Hopefully it will be like last year and very little ice. Then we can fish into December! Gotta love mother nature. Steve
  5. I would never say that Musky fishing is the ONLY sport. Not even imply it. If that is what you are taking from my comments then reread them. I think there are many legitimate sports out there. Attacking my opinion won't change it. I stick by everything I said. Spearing is an archaic and out of sync pursuit, in my opinion. In all the threads I have read I see that even the most diehard spearers admit that abuses and the intentional and accidental harvet of large fish (pike, and I am sure some muskies) takes place. How can this be good for our fisheries. You have your sport, for now, but both it and the tactics you use to defend it are destined to disappear. I think, of all the points made, Jon's about ethics is probably the most solid. Unfortunately, the reason many activities get outlawed is that the ethical standards of some are so low. I also don't see where the Musky fishing community has taken up an attack on spearing. Something I personally wish they would do. But that is JUST me. Steve
  6. WRD, the reference to Animal Rights Activists is nothing but a smokescreen. They have nothing to do with this debate or issue. It's scare tactics like this that will only serve in the long run to undermine your position. We don't need fear based desicion making, just an objective reality check. Jon, with all due respect, once again comparing walleye harvet to spearing is in my view a misleading analogy at best. pike are not stocked for harvet, walleye are. The DNR spends more to stock walleye for target harvest than they do on any other fresh water species in the state. Bottom line is; change is hard to accept. If "sportsman" are truely concerned about preserving a sustainable fishery, spearing has to go the way of the whale hunting. Finally, I don't mean any disrespect to those of different views. These views are only my own, and are not meant to brand spear fisherman as "bad" people. Steve
  7. Early Riser: 1: Two wrongs don't make a right. A valid arguement for your point of view is not, hey they are doing something stupid so we should too. 2: I am sure if the school offered a class on topless sunbathing it would be very popular also. This whole spearing thing is just plain WRONG. All you do is kill fish. Saying that it's ok, because other anglers sometimes kill fish is once again a negative arguement that does nothing to further your point. Now I know you may compare it to deer hunting, but that is not a valid comparison for several reasons:1) Humans have eliminated the deer's natural predators which kept populations in balance; is that the case with pike? 2) If humans did not shoot the deer many would die horrible deaths starving. It is the bumbling ineptitude of human management of ecosystems that has lead to the neccessity of deer hunting today. Comparing this practice to walleye harvest would be once again a mistake. Walleye are stocked by the dnr to be caught and eaten. Does the DNR stock pike to be caught and eaten? It's time to end this senseless and wasteful practice once and for all. Put and end to Dark House Spearing. Contact your legislator and voice your concerns. Steve
  8. Depending on the temps I would be working the steepest breaks deep 20' +. Steve
  9. If you can troll down to speeds of 2.4 to 2.6 mph i would give that a try with some very large crank baits. Steve
  10. I decided to end the season after my success on Lake Vermilion. Fishing the Metro would just have seemed anti-climactic. Funny thing though, I have not been able to bring myself to winerize the boat yet. Guess i am in denial. I would probably fish a metro lake in someone elses boat... Steve
  11. I reccomend netting it and using it as a decoy. Maybe even quick strike rig and weight it. Now that would be cool to watch.
  12. I was trolling a Firetiger Jake (14") in 20 fow at 2.4 mph Steve
  13. Here's a few from last weekend on Vermilion: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Yeehaaa! What a trip. The 41, 48, 50, and 53.5 where all caught the same day! Now that's what I call Musky fishin! Steve
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