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  1. I heard tonight that some houses have fallen through on Big Stone... Anybody else hear of this happening?
  2. hunted around benson/danvers this morning and it was horrible! saw one rooster get up way out in front of us and that was it. hardly any shooting in the area either. numbers are down big time!
  3. I drive a 2003 F-150 and the buttons on my steering wheel quit lighting up green when i turn my headlights on. The right side quit working first and about a month later the left side failed to illuminate. Is this just a simple fuse or two to replace or something not even worth the time to fix.
  4. Is there anywhere online that i can see how many doe permits are being given out in each area?
  5. He's giving to people who are capable of wetting a line. And i know these people don't have a license. The guy that's giving the fish away tells me he does it all the time. Just irritates me because i hardly keep any fish cuz it's always in the back of my mind that i could catch this one when he gets bigger! I'm starting to think that he is just a meat fisherman. Only goes to keep a limit and doesn't enjoy fishing if he cant fill the live well!
  6. I know a guy that is constantly giving people around town walleyes. All the time, all summer and winter long. So what is the rule on this? Is it legal?
  7. Hey guys, my wife and i just moved to Redwood and i need some info on lakes in the area. I have never fished around here before and need some help!
  8. I do construction and have heard many different things on when the state is really going to crack down on it. Also, I heard that by the end of the year every contractor is required to have a lead license? Why is it just carpenters being picked on?? Electricians work in lead enviornment's all the time on these older homes. Its a joke if you ask me...
  9. Bought the extension yesterday as i'm going to lake winnipeg in late feb. Just wondering if that little single pin ever "jumps out" wear you connect the extension onto the shaft that comes out of the bottom of the engine? I could lose my whole auger shaft if it happened to pop out when i break through the bottom of the ice! I've been reading reviews on it and a lot of people like it, but to me it seems as if that pin could jump out at anytime if that rubber coupler would unknowingly slide down...
  10. wow fellas... i guess we know who has high thought's on the dnr... i'm referring to what i know, and that is the dnr has been putting corn, still on cob, on my land. for about two weeks now. this is private land and not wma's, or is it neighboring state land. figured especially on here that a there wouldnt be negative feed back on helping deer out, rather thumbs up to the dnr... that's not too unrealistic...
  11. pure insanity nailed it! who cares! the dnr has worked hard on getting the heard back to where it is in our area and i'm sure they don't want to see it get wiped out again!
  12. yeah thats what i was thinking. my dad and i have been putting round bales out and the dnr is bringing corn out to help try to keep these deer healthy. we are placing it all on our land along the pomme de terre river where the deer are all hearded up right now. sad to see but we have already found a few dead ones...
  13. Just wondering if horn growth for this next year will be affected by this pretty harsh winter we are having with the pretty cold temps and deep snow on the level? With bucks not being able to get as much food and nutrients as normal, one would think it would play a role?
  14. Does this unit have a battery gauge anywhere to let a guy know how much power is left? was thinking about getting one but cant find this info out anywhere...
  15. Anybody know what the ice situation on these lakes?
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