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  1. A buddy text me saying that the first day only 48 deer were taken yesterday.
  2. I have a covert black ops that email pictures. I put it out Nov. 1st last year, left it out all winter (still sending pics) and as of now my battery still shows full power. I bought the lithium ion batteries. They are a little more upfront but I am VERY happy with the camera and battery life.
  3. Has anyone used one of these. I just added one to my inventory today and I am anxious to try it out. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions that will make my first time out with it go well. Thanks
  4. Sorry about the quality. My dad checked the camera and didn't know how to email a pic to me. He took a picture of his computer screen with his cell and sent it via text......once I get my hands on the original I will post it. Going to hunt him this weekend.... Maybe I will post a pic of him and I together!
  5. Thank you all for the help. I am excited to give it a try, I have always wanted to but with a young family and being a HS hockey coach I don't have as much time as I would like. Thanks!
  6. I am going to give predator hunting a try next weekend and I have a few questions. No one that I know of Predator hunts in the area I am going to try and there are an abundance of Coyotes. Here are my questions: I am going to buy a call....should I buy a good one right away or can I get by with a cheaper version. I could try a mouth call but where I would rather not educate them doing a poor job with a mouth call. What are some suggestions on calls. I am ok spending some money as long as the call will last. Where I am hunting is for the most part wooded with some fields. Do you set up on field edges with the wind at your back? Does it pay to try to do this during the day? Is after dark the best bet to have success? Is the day time a waste of time? I will be bring some family with me to give this a try. They have rifles for it....I am planning on using my shotgun. What should I use for load? Any help would be appreciated and please feel free to offer suggestions that I did not ask questions on. Thank you! Oberg
  7. That is a fischer... depending on the size (hard to tell in the picture.) I hunt in douglas co. and saw one a couple years ago two different times. The one I saw was bigger thanan otter. At first I thought it was a small wolverine. That was the first time I had ever encountered one in the wild. I didn't realize they were around central MN.
  8. I am in Central MN. One more for you guys. If we hunt Sunday evening and he were to shoot a deer but had to work Monday morning. If we leave the deer overnight and I go recover the deer....do I use his tag? A few years ago we had this situation arise and I just used one of my management tags. Thanks guys....this page is a great resource for tough questions like this.
  9. This weekend is the last weekend that my hunting buddy can bowhunt. If I shot a deer this weekend, while in the woods together, can he tag my deer leaving my tag open for the rest of the year? Or does he eat tag soup if he is shut out this weekend?? Thanks
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