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  1. Check out the Lake Country Retriever Club. We meet the 2nd Tuesday of the month at the Minnesota Horse and Hunt club in Prior Lake. The club has several different training nights and events you may be interested in.
  2. MTP

    Lab Trainer Question

    I have competed against Jake and many of his dogs. Good trainer and the dogs do well. What are you training the dog to do? Just looking for a gundog for Upland or waterfowl hunting, or a dog that will run hunt tests and field trials? Jake would be a good choice for gundog training. I would also recommend Brian at West Country Kennels for gundog training.
  3. This is Chase at 22 months old, the 2010 US Open Pro Puppy Pheasant Champion and AKC Senior Hunter.
  4. OFA certification can be done at Gehrman Animal Hospital in Minnetonka. Cost is around $325. CERF eye certification can be done at Veterinary Opthalmic Specialists in St. Louis Park. Cost is $26.
  5. Pick up a video on the conditioned retrieve, or force fetching as its known as. I have followed Jim Dobbs videos as guides with both of my labs and with a few others friends dogs as well. It will turn the fetch command into a command and not a choice. Follow the steps and dont push the dog ahead any faster just because of a good day or good session. All dogs take the hold command/ear pinch/toe hold/collar stimulus differently as well. My 3 year old black lab never needed anymore than the taught hold command with positive feedback only and I run upland bird competitions with both of them where they must retrieve to hand without taking more than 1 step. My 2 year old needed the whole process. Both dogs are solid and will retrieve and hold anything on command but I would say most dogs running the competitions have gone thru the whole process. You will be using all sorts of different objects for the training before you get to the bumpers/wings/birds. This will also help in the regular obedience as well. Also, it is not a very easy process to go thru with your first dog, so dont be afraid to get help from a professional.
  6. MTP

    OCD In Lab

    My yellow lab had it in her front left shoulder. Had surgery on it around 8 months old and she has had no troubles on it since. She competes in tournament hunting and I guide with her weekly from September thru April and she has not even limped on it since. She is only 48lbs full grown and the specialist who operated thought it was from an injury while training or playing with my other 100lb lab and not genetics. Generally females will have it in the hind legs, and males in the front shoulders. Also, dogs that grow faster than average are more susceptible.
  7. MTP

    training book

    Game Dog by Richard Wolters.
  8. It was a prescribed burn, they had signs posted in late September.
  9. Eyes, Federal premium wing shock, 1 3/8 5's or 6's, 1500fps, copper plated. If you prefer Nickel plated then the Fiochhi GPX Golden Pheasant are 1 3/8 at 1485, 5's or 6's.
  10. You might be interested in checking out the U.S. Open Pheasant Championship at the Minnesota Horse and Hunt on April 5-8. Puppies classes will be running on Thursday and Friday if you wanted to check out similar age dogs. You can also check out the tournamenthunter or nbdca HSOforum.
  11. I've had my best experience buying pups that are born around January. You will pick these pups up in late February or March. They will be at a perfect age to start training right away just as the weather is warming up and you, the family, and the pup will be happy to be outside. Also the pup will be at a great age going into its first hunting season in October.
  12. I have the DT systems SPT 7100. Nick and constant stimulation ranging from 0-50. All rechargeable batteries, with 1.3 mile range. Transmitter is also fully waterproof and has a battery disply letting you know when transmitter power is running low. Also has hard plastic carrying case. Bought it for $265.
  13. My 1.5 year old black lab had similar troubles last December from cattails. Used saline solution used for rinsing and storing contact lenses. Seemed to help quite a bit, would usually flush his eyes every 3-4 hours of hunting and then always flushed afterwards. Be sure that it is saline solution, and not the contact lens cleaner. Also had some cream from the vet, similar to triple antibiotic ointment, but cant remember the name.
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