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  1. I just made my first batch of goose jerky. It turned out good. Now I was wondering how people store it.
  2. I really like my Lucky. Cheetah - I went to Lowes and got a 3foot piece of angle aluminum and drilled a few holes in it and the lucky pole to extend it.
  3. I am under the impression that most CO's, at least the ones I know, are outdoorsmen themselves. So I don't think they would be trying to turn anyone off to the outdoors. It sounds like this guy had some issue, young and dumb, Momma's with the mailman, not enough sleep the list is endless. It was a bad experience. Most of the time when you either are or apear to be on the wrong side of the law the experience is not good. Personaly it bothers anyone to have thier word questioned esspecially over and over again. I would take it as an experience and charge on there is still plenty of season and deer left. Life is too short to let this CO ruin more than that day. I look forward to hearing about you going out and getting your first deer.
  4. jim68

    In store Deal

    They had the coupons in the store. You just have to use your Cabela's card. I would call the Owatona store.
  5. jim68

    In store Deal

    I was at the Cabela's in Rogers yesterday and they had a discount depending on what you spent. $30 off 100-200 $50 off 200-300 $70 off 300-400 $85 off 400-500 $100 off 500 Up They also had Bigfoot fullbodies with flocked heads for $80.
  6. I have to share this story. My 6 yr old son and I went out yesterday afternoon for his first time out with me. I really don't know what I am doing either it was only my 3rd water hunt. We got set up and pulled into some reeds. I couldn't see one end of my dekes but figured we were OK. Not much action he asked me can we shoot the coots or the blackbirds or the sea gulls and everything else that came by. We had a group come by he blew his call and I followed with mine(Which wasn't much better) and they turned. Two of them came right over us droping but I thought they were gone. Then from the side I couldn't see they turned and landed in our dekes. He was so excited. We watched for a minute then they got up and I shoot them. He was very excitted. He had been bothering me to go home before this after he would have stayed all night.
  7. I wanted to thank the MN Duck and Goose callers club for the free duck call for my son at the game fair. I also wanted to thank Buck Gardner for the free calls for my kids this weekend at Cabela's. What a great way to get kids into it. We got home and they all sat down to listen to the CD they also got and try to learn. Now they sit in the playset in the yard with thier calls and pop guns 'hunting'. It's great. I also wanted tho thank Cabela's for the Kids Fest. My kids had agreat time.
  8. Thanks for the info. I think I can use an 870 barrel. So I may get one or be in the market for a new gun. I suppose it's not bad to have another gun.
  9. I have an old(25 years) Sportsman 12 pump, 870 express predisessor I think. It has a full choke barrel not changeable. Would I be wasting my money buying some of the new shells like Blackcloud? From what I understand these new shells should not go thru full choke. Thanks for any info. Jim
  10. I have an express and like it. Mine doesn't have the gun support. It is very low profile. It is nice when its cold it is almost like being in a sleeping bag.
  11. I was there Sunday morning. They had about 5 camo and 8 brown. I don't know what they have now. They were out in front of the store and everything was 50% off. Sorry I don't have anymore info.
  12. I just picked up a FA XLandr at Rogers Cabelas yesterday for $125. I've hunted out of one a few times and liked it.
  13. I found Xlander blinds at Rogers Cabelas today Brown $100 and MAX4 $125. They are out in front of the store.
  14. If you check C&S Custum calls you may get an answer. Mike the is pretty knowledgeable on calls.
  15. I saw my first flock of geese flying this morning. It got my bood going. Anyone else seeing birds flying around?
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