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  1. J Smith

    Rod sale

    Ice fishing too. I saw St.croix rods at $29.99, I think that's $6.00 less than everyone else.
  2. J Smith

    Rod sale

    I see Marv's Minnows in Zimmerman has all their summer rods marked down 30%.
  3. Try this...Dip fillets in Flower and Lowrys mix, then into beaten Eggs, then into finely crushed Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips. Fry in a 1/4 of Canola Oil till done. J.
  4. If I install a set of Prospector tracks on my Sptsmn.800, am I allowed to ride on Snowmobile trails? I would consider it a Snowmobile, would'nt you? Thanks J.
  5. J Smith

    Auger mounts

    I went out and bought the Sportsmans Warehouse model for $39.99...the carry bag style. It's made by Glacier. Very durable, more so than the Strikemaster brand. Used 3 bungies, worked out extremely well on the front rack. Now I know I can haul it in my Otterskin w/out cutting any canvas too. Thanks for the replies. J.
  6. J Smith

    Auger mounts

    Hi guys, thanks for the input. I think I'll go with the Otter shield like Dave's. Reason being, I like to cover my 800 with a travel cover-I learned the hard way what Salt spray did to my old 500 sptsmn.-and I can strap it to my rack and remove it quickly w/o wrenches when it comes time to cover my Wheeler for the ride home. J.
  7. J Smith

    Auger mounts

    I'm wondering if I should buy the Tuning fork style or if an Auger shield strapped to the rack is the way to go. What's your take? Also whats the best of any of the brands? Thanks J.
  8. Hi guys, my Mother has a friend that worked there, she stole the recipe...never mentioned Bacon grease though. Your right about the Salad and Prime Rib. We had it on Christmas Eve. What a way to have dinner with the family. Hope you had as good a Christmas as I did. HAPPY NEW YEAR J.
  9. I did'nt know the Big Buddy has a fan. I'll have to look into one of those. J.
  10. Send'em to the U. of Mn. or DNR. J.
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