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  1. I have one of the slab spoon molds you are talking about. They are made by Do-It Molds out of Denver, Iowa. They work great for lake trout and I use them in a different color tipped with half a crawler for deep walleyes too.
  2. What is a good walleye lake in the Springstead area other than the Turtle Flambeau Flowage
  3. Thanks for the info. I haven't picked out a place to stay yet. First I wanted to pick a lake, then go from there. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  4. I was looking for info on any good splake lakes in the U.P. - the western U.P. if possible
  5. Brown trout especially. I have caught browns, rainbows, brookies and cutthroat. That's why I think they would work on steelhead too. I like the colors - toad and olive/pearl.
  6. Try a 1 inch Berkley Power Nymph in one of the natural colors on a 1/16 oz. jig head in either plain lead or black. Jig it in short jerks and hang on because I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I think some of you steelheaders should give it a try. I've used it on both a spinning rod and a fly rod. You can all thank me later. You can send gifts to my home address which I will provide on request.
  7. Any tips for fishing Trinidad for walleye this time of year
  8. There is a landing there but not a good one. It is all sand. Depending on the lake level you can launch a small boat there with a 4-wheel drive if you have a roller trailer - no bunk trailers. I have seen where people have buried their trucks in the lake bed there. there are a few northerns in the lake and when you catch one it is usually a big one. How is the trout fishing on Pagucci - any numbers or size, Dan
  9. Thanks for the info Chewy. That 27 incher was a nice trout. I caught a 27 incher that was about that fat last sept in NW Ontario. The trout were up spawning on the rocky reefs. We were casting to them in 5-7 feet of water. What a blast. Most of the trout we were catching were 4-5 lbs. But each man could catch at least 50 per day when they were up that shallow. Dan
  10. Looking for lake trout lakes and splake lakes if possible in southern Colorado - if not then throughout the state.
  11. If you can get ahold of them the In-fisherman Oct/Nov 2002 and Oct/Nov 2003 both had good articles on plastics for steelhead. I too have caught stream trout on Berkley power nymphs and the 1 inch power trout craw (which I think has been discontinued). I caught browns in Colorado and browns and rainbows here in New Mexico. I used the natural and pumpkin in the craw and the olive in the nymph. I worked them on a 1/16 oz. black jig head and a 7 ft Med/light graphite rod. I think a longer rod would be even better to give them short jerks. In deeper/faster water you might have to go with a 1/8 oz if you can find one with a smaller hook. I have to make mine. I use a #2 Gamakatsu. Dan
  12. Is the Brule River by Duluth that everybody talks about actually the Bois Brule River east of Duluth in Wisconsin as opposed to the Brule River in Minnesota by Grand Marais?
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