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  1. Point guards are expected to be floor generals. Cassel's deep voice boomed on the court. Does Rubio speak english well enough to accomplish this?
  2. Nelson sounds good. I miss Flip.
  3. Where can I watch the U18 world championship games in Germany?
  4. You can still get Fuji slide film developed, right? If so, how much longer will that last?
  5. As previously stated, your "wingspan" is about 6 feet. The tip of your nose to your hand extended is about 3 feet. These measurements are only important if you are trying to find a specific depth or location. Otherwise, the distance you place your bait off the bottom is the main concern. To me, 12-18 inches above bottom is common; sometimes less or more, depending on circumstances like bottom type and fish behavior. This can be marked with a bobber stop, non-movable bobber, or a split shot. Simply pinch the line at the water surface and measure down. If using a tip-up, add the distance your line spool sits underwater to your desired distance off bottom and mark it with a split shot, which will sit just outside of the spool when the bait is down.
  6. I seem to recall a "no steal off the dribble" policy at some point when my boys were really young. I just checked our Wayzata boy basketball HSOforum, and steals of all types are allowed at every level listed, second grade and up. There are various rules at younger levels: "no double teaming," "no pressing," "no pressing in the last two minutes." In second grade there was "no switching on defense." I felt last year our 4th grade coaches were too intent on running "the play." (I was one of three "tag team" head coaches for my youngest, and also head coached at the 7th grade level). The team bogged down at half court and was afraid to cross the line (learning V-cuts and to back-door defenders who over play the pass helped somewhat). For a long time they didn't even look to fast break because they had to run "the play." Defenders picked up quickly where "the play-had to go" and adjusted. I prefer dribbling across half court with the help of a pick and roll. The dribbler has to at least glance up for the roll to the hoop, it's usually open. If not a lay-up, this should accomplish getting the ball closer to the hoop (about the 3 point line), where it can be attacked. Also teaching to catch and turn into the triple threat position after catching a pass, instead of dribbling right away (try taking away the dribble for a practice drill). You're easily in trouble, once you pick up your dribble. Most youngsters really telegraph their passes. I tell kids, “Fake a pass, to make a pass.” Hopefully it sinks in with some of them. Hope that helps some...Thanks for coaching!
  7. Your name wouldn't happen to be "Gump Worsley" would it? I think he split some pucks across his nose.
  8. There was a story on TV this morning (maybe The Morning Show, or Kare 11?), showing wild boar damage somewhere down south. The damage from the boars rooting for stuff like worms and acorns almost looked like back yards had been plowed. One homeowner spent $7,000 on a fence in an attempt to keep them out of her property.
  9. My two young boys and I were sitting on a deadfall watching a grouse eating buds 40 feet above us; 5 minutes left before shooting time ends. We hear a good size animal coming straight at us, through some dark pines, soon to emerge 10 yards away. My pulse elevated, but it was a badger. I have a young "up-north" friend (20) who was bow hunting for deer earlier this fall. A bear cub ran towards his tree. He hollered at it to scare it away, but it climbed his tree anyway and wouldn't leave. The sow climbed the tree and tried to throw him out. I asked, "Did you try to shoot it with an arrow?" He replied, "I dropped the bow, but I did stab her in the back with an arrow when she was biting my ankle." He lifted his jean cuff to show me the scars on his ankle. The bear let go after he stabbed her, and then he kicked like crazy, and she left. "I knew I was dead if she threw me out," he said. I heard his upper body was really sore, from clinging on to the tree, the next day. We always figured he was a back-stabber.
  10. It was a catch, so the Vikings just kick a field goal to win the game instead of throwing to Harvin. They deserve to be 3-3. As kids say, "Sorry isn't enough." It’s like Mauer’s double that landed fair twice, but was ruled foul against the Yanks last year. What are they looking at?
  11. Never mind...I found enough detailed pictures on "the net". Boykins seem to have straighter hair, and a more stocky/chesty build than AWS.
  12. Many pictures look like the same breed. I've never seen information that stated how one is distinguished from the other. Water Spaniels were used to breed Boykin Spaniels. Some Boykins seem to have straighter coats, but not all of them. The tail is bobbed. Is the tail thicker? Are the legs and chest thicker on the Boykin? I am familiar with AWS, but not with Boykins (other than Earl, the basketball player).
  13. Remember when McHale was hired. I was so happy to see Rider and Laetner go; shook my head when they drafted those two. Wondered why you would trade for Ricky Davis, too. I have the same fears with Beasley. I hope he proves me wrong.
  14. I don't know what planet Shack's coon image is from (...or maybe a nightmarish parallel universe), but it cures me from ever wanting to own a hairless "Sphynx" cat.
  15. Raccoon...It does have the black round nose (and the body posture fits). The tail is probable just veering behind the body.
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