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  1. MasterClear

    can anyone help me find the maker of this jig??

    Walleye Rockers??
  2. MasterClear

    Vet recommendation - SE Metro

    Looking for a recommendation of a Vet in the East/South East Metro area that is good with hunting dogs. Thanks in advance for any info/recommendations.
  3. MasterClear

    custom boat covers in south metro

    Had mine done at: Erichsen Marine Canvas in Shakopee. Excellent work and turn-around time.
  4. MasterClear

    Father's Day

    Having adult children that are taking care of their families is a true credit to the parents. Congratulations on the fine job of parenting! For me, life has changed and all I want is the opportunity to go fishing with my Wife, daughter-in-law, son and grandsons. It's been many hospital visits for hip surgeries and now a bleeding ulcer. Lord, give her strength to get thru this one and enjoy her life again! PLEASE!!
  5. MasterClear

    T-ing into gas line from boat for kicker

    No problem using the "T". I've run mine like this for 4 years without a problem. I was told by my dealer to use a brass T rather than plastic. A safety issue.
  6. MasterClear

    Lead jigs banned??

    All the studies I've read are provided by parties with a biased interest. While I agree lead can be a bad thing I'd like to see a study performed by an impartial unbiased authority. There are options to lead jigs but not readily available. To make it more cost effective for the manufacturers a lead ban would need to be imposed at the national level and even in concert with Canada. A time phased approach to allow the sportsmen an opportunity to re-stock with non-lead jigs and sinkers is necessary for economic reasons. A trade in program will not work in most cases as those with the largest amount have speciality tackle which will not be available as a trade in. Just my thoughts. This issues will continue to be a heated debate and in the end we will be subjected to a ban on lead tackle.
  7. MasterClear

    8 inch or 10 inch

    I have the 10 inch only because of Lake Trout fishing.
  8. MasterClear

    h20/h20c ?'s

    I like the H20 except it lacks the Electronic Compass feature. The Expedition has that feature. Both accept chips from Navionics and LakeMaster. Color is a definate advantage. Just my opinion.
  9. From Cottage Grove you can get it in NewPort at the auto parts store near the RV dealer..... The OilGuy gives good service for ordering....
  10. MasterClear

    What camera

    FF had the Aqua Vu Scout 7" screen for about $250... may still have some left
  11. MasterClear

    Sea Foam vs. Sta-bil - Opinions?

    Both good products. Sta Bil for everything but marine purposes. Sea Foam for everything including marine applications.
  12. MasterClear

    New Kicker for my boat

    Yamaha also has the T9.9 available in High Thrust 4 stroke. The T8 and T9.9 are both available with remote steering or tiller.
  13. MasterClear

    painting aluminum boat?

    If you can flip it upside down, put it on some high sawhorses. That way you can easier prep it and paint.
  14. MasterClear

    downrigger mounting on skeeter

    You have 2 options.. Use a mounting board across the back of the boat mounted to the side rails OR using a piece of aluminum bent at 90 degrees bolted into the fiberglass with a backer you can mount the downriggers without any intrusion on the inside of the back of the boat. Great boat!
  15. MasterClear

    Ooooo, that smell!

    zep cleaner/degreaser citrus scent removes the smell of petroleum products