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  1. JordanL

    Moose Plow With Tracks

    I have a Kawasaki Brute and just purchased tracks for it. I run a moose plow with a push tube mount. Do they make any kind of extension for it to make room for the tracks or is my only option to buy a new push tube? Thanks in advance, Jordan
  2. JordanL

    Lasik eye surgery

    Has anybody here had it done in Williston ND or know anybody that has?
  3. JordanL

    Kicker Steering

    I just installed a new mercury 9.9 pro kicker tiller on my boat. I am having troubles finding a good way to hook it up to my big motor (175 Verado) for steering. I have a panther steering rod. I have the kicker mounted on the drivers side. Anybody have any good ideas or possibly some pictures? I would not like to drill any holes in my kicker if at all possible. Thanks
  4. JordanL

    NDSU to the NCAA?

    That was one of the funniest posts i've seen in a while. Good one dtro!! I am a big sioux fan but i am cheering for the bison today.
  5. JordanL

    Lund Fiberglass

    I bought one last year. I love the boat. When i was looking at boats i priced out the lund 186 fisherman GL with a 175 verado and a ranger reata. IN MY OPINION they are pretty close to the same boat. They were also about the same price where I looked. Im a Lund guy so i went with the lund. I could not have been happier with it. I had a few issues with it but it was the dealers fault. Nothing to do with the actual boat.
  6. JordanL

    Lets see the Rigs for 2008!!

    the dealer where i got my boat also had a 20' pro-v I asked the price and could not believe it. They were asking high 60s. I will have this one tell it falls apart. Or me which ever comes first.
  7. JordanL

    Lets see the Rigs for 2008!!

    It is a 18.5' It has a 175. On the GPS it shows 55.
  8. JordanL

    Lets see the Rigs for 2008!!

    I love the boat. I've had it in some pretty nasty waves so far and it handled them better than i was expecting. Took a gamble buying it as i work in the oil fields and am only 20 years old but i figured what the heck. Marine_man, i see your from lisbon. Know any Lyons from there.
  9. JordanL

    Jonathan Papelbon NY Controversy in All-Star Game

    I totally agree with that. I hate the yankees but i am cheering for everybody on the al. I was so mad when they walked morneau! I had a feeling he was gunna win it.
  10. The boat is 17 1/2. yes the motor is also an 89. Comes with a trailer that is in great shape.
  11. 1989 Lund Tyee 120hp evinrude 3 seats cover minnkota 80lb powerdrive 60" shaft 2 deep cycle batteries 2 bank on board charger Humminbird depth finder Runs and fishes great! $8500/offer 701-370-0672