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  1. How heavy is the artic armour, is it a full hood or just a thinner sweatshirt? I wish I could try one on but all the locals are not stocking these anymore and only available online.
  2. I'm not sure why the tanks would be freezing up while using them in your fish house. I have an insulated otter and had no problems fishing Devils Lake a few weeks back in - 30 most of the trip. However there is a Neoprene cover that you can slide over the 1# tanks to help this. Most guys use these with the new LP power augers to eliminate the 1# cylinders from freezing up when its very cold out. I bought a couple of these just in case? But have not needed to use them yet. There $5 bucks , Called "Expedition Sportsmans tank warmer" here is a link to them. http://www.amazon.com/Expedition-Propane-Tank-Warmer/dp/B006IWICCC
  3. Well I finally wore out my Vexilar bibs after 7 years of abusing them. They were great, only complaint was the back didn't come up high enough to keep the wind out when fishing outside with just a hood under them. So after some reasearch I've decided to try out the Frabill FXE sno bibs. My question is... I'm 5'11 and 215 lbs. I always where a hood under my bibs and not sure what size to get. Would I have enough room to do this with a large? or should I go with the XL? thanks!
  4. I've been using a modified choke. Maybe I'm to accurate and hit the target dead on. Ha Ha.
  5. What do you guys normally use? Been using 4 shot, 1 1/8 oz federals over decoys. Most shots are 20-30 yds. Today had to throw 4 ducks away because they were shot up too bad. I was thinking 2 shot might be better, less pellets? What do you guys have the best results with in the early season? Last year I used some 6 shot, but had too many cripples.
  6. After I charge them, can I just disconnect the negative or both terminals? I really won't have any options to charge the batteries over the winter if they need it because there is no electric in the pole barn.
  7. Every year I always take my batteries out of the boat before it goes into cold storage and store them in my heated garage. We have 2 boats with 5 batteries and it is kind of a pain. I know alot of guys just store there boats without taking the batteries out. Have any of you done this? How do the batteries hold up the next season? Just trying to make life easier when winterizing!
  8. Whatever we get rain or snow will all shape together and refreeze. If it snows on the wet ice, it might turn to slush but when it turns cold again it will all freeze as one. Now if we had 6"- 8" of ice, cold weather and got dumped on like last year ( 17" of snow ) we would be in trouble! We will be alright boys, just might take a week or 2 to do it.
  9. I made a stop in there yesterday, what a great MA PA shop. I bought a little of everything and have to agree, that is the best summer sausage I've had in a long, long time! They don't seem to have much to choose from, but what they do have seems very good. I was talking to the gal that was serving me and she said they have been in business for a 100 years! I bought some bacon, smoked sausage links, fresh pork sausage, ( potato sausage, I did try, but wasn't to fond of) and the summer sausage. I can't wait to try everything out. I do know they have Great summer sausage, thanks for the tip!
  10. We have a ceiling fan from Fish House Supply. It will last all weekend on a Vexilar battery on low ( .75 amps). It moves air great and is very, very quiet! Best investment for our base camp on Mille Lacs. They cost a little bit, but are worth every penny IMO. Here is a link to them http://fishhousesupply.com/12vlights.htm
  11. Anyone know someone that has this in a tiller?
  12. Hey catfishkid, Where in Delano is Readers? Sounds like a good place to try out.
  13. Thanks for the tip! I've heard of them, but never looked into stopping in. I will now!
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