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  1. Hello! I have a 2007 9.9 pro kicker on my boat that was broken in per the Mercury manual when I had it installed. I've read here before regarding motors "making" oil when used for trolling as mine has been doing. I've heard of so far 2 remedies for this. I asked about this at a seminar at the Sportshow this past March, and the moderator suggested using Ring Free in the fuel to help eliminate carbon buildup from trolling. The other was to run the motor at near WOT for 30 minutes or so to reduce the glazing on the cylinder walls, and that will prevent the blow by of fuel. I'm hoping some of the mechanics on here will chime in with ideas as far as if either of these remedies will work, or if there is a better alternative. Last summer I took 3 fishing trips, and changed the oil before each journey to hopefully prevent any long term effects on the engine. Thanks for any ideas!!
  2. Gents, I have a '97 Ford Expedition with 120k on her that my daughter drives during the winter months. Last week she was at a stop light, and was rear ended by the following vehicle. Both drivers ok, but, the damage to the Expo: the rear bumper is down at about a 10 degree angle along with the trailer hitch bent down at the same angle. I also noticed the right rear panel skin is wrinkled as well, and there may also be a sagging leaf spring now. I'm hoping that the frame is not bent now..... Another issue surfaced yesterday as she was driving home. As she started accelerating from a stop, the Expo started running very rough with an accompanying odor. She added fuel earlier, and I thought perhaps water in the fuel. My son looked at the truck when she arrived home, and found a spark plug had blown out of one cylinder. When he mentioned that I remembered that the Ford 5.4L engines are prone to plugs loosening, and working their way out of the head. One big question that I have is, I need to get the truck over to a shop for a repair estimate. Will any damage occur if I drive it at low speeds to get it to a body shop? I realize it will run very rough, and spit fuel, and oil out the plug hole. Has anyone out there had the same issue with plugs blowing out on the 5.4, and have you tried the threaded steel inserts that are available? Thanks in advance for any advice on this. I don't really want to take the old girl out behind the barn and put her down, but.......
  3. I agree with upnorth as to the bedliner affecting the smoothness of the hull. A few years ago we had a 20' Searay in a slip on Prior Lake. In some years the algae growth on the bottom of the hull was so dense that the boat had a very difficult time planing out. I had to load the boat on its trailer, take her to a car wash, and clean the hull with nasty muratic acid, then she would plane out normally. The bottom of a hull is similar to the airfoil of a wing, it needs to have a clean laminar flow over its surface, if there is too much disturbance of that flow excessive drag is produced.
  4. A few quick questions.... Has anyone used VMC flouro leaders? How do their components stand up to a full day of casting, or even trolling? They can be purchased 2 in a pack for the price of a single flouro leader, and I'm curious as to their durability. Thank you very much for any responses!!
  5. I have a 9.9 Merc Pro Kicker installed on a 2004 1850 Fishhawk which I believe has the standard length lower unit. The transom on your Sportfish is a bit taller so it may require a longer lower unit. That little Pro Kicker is awesome for Walleye trolling!!!!
  6. The AN-225 was built to carry the Soviet's version of a space shuttle, you can see the attachment points on top of the fuselage. I believe this is the only one that was built.
  7. Gents, I would like to change the plugs on a 2000 Accord with the 3L V-6, and I am wondering if anyone here has done this themselves recently. Each cylinder has its own coil that is attached via a small hex drive screw. Are these coils difficult to remove, or once the screw is released does the coil just pull off? I think it should be a pretty straightforward plug job, but I don't want to screw it up like I have on other past projects. Thanks in advance for any advice!!
  8. Here's a photo of my Son and the 41" he caught last week on Lake of the Woods.
  9. Gents, I read on another forum that it is good to let a Optimax warm up, but there was no indication of a length of time. I do let her warm up, maybe 1 to 2 minutes, and then initial throttle up is slow, and low power for a bit. I'm wondering if I'm giving enought of a warm up time. Any thoughts out there? Thanks!!
  10. bushdoe, We fished Burrow 2 years ago I think it was, and didn't see any fish. It's rather far from where we are staying so not sure if we will get up that way. Where is Big Marsh? I'll take a look at my map & try to find it. Thanks for your input!!
  11. My son and I are going up to LOTW the week of musky opener, and I am looking for some information on Stevens Bay which is on the northern end of Sabaskong Bay. Is there a musky population in Stevens? Not looking for secrets, but we have fished Stony quite a bit, and have thought about venturing into Stevens, but never have. We only have 4 days there this year, and I would like to eliminate any potentially unproductive areas. Thank you for any insight!
  12. Due to a couple of bad events in my world I unfortunately have to sell my pickup, and a classic muscle car. My question is which means i.e. Car Soup, Auto Trader, etc. have people had the best response, and best experience selling a vehicle? Thank you for any input.
  13. Gents, I am looking for some feedback as to towing a boat with a truck that has manual transmission. The vehicle I may purchase is a 1996 Mazda B4000, V6 with only 18,000 miles. My fishing rig is a Crestliner 1850 Fishhawk that weighs around 3000 lbs. boat, motors, and trailer. Aside from some fun with the clutch on a steep boat ramp, what are some pros and cons to towing with a 5 speed? I currently tow with a '07 F150 that unfortunatly I am going to need to sell very soon....... Thanks, and I really appreciate any feedback!
  14. Thanks for the reply airjer! I'll try your suggestion of driving in circles! Ha! If the problem is the clutches in the differential, is it a high cost fix, or will changing the gear lube, and adding an extra lubricant help?
  15. Gents, I own a '97 Ford Expedition with around 108k miles on her. Recently it has developed a vibration while turning left, or right, and it only occurs when power is being applied in the turn. It does not occur in a coasting turn. It really feels like the vibration is up front, but could be in the rear also. I dug around online, and found that it could be the clutch packs in the rear differential "chattering". Is this a major issue, or a major fix? One fix I read about is to change the differential lube, and add a friction modifier to the differential. Will that work? I really appreciate any responses, or suggestions on a fix. My daughter has the truck at school for the winter, and hope it doesn't cause any problems for her. Thanks!!!
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