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  1. If still available, could i get some pics. Have cash in pocket burning a hole. thanks, heiman507 at hotmail dot com
  2. I would have to suggest a CO detector instead. Just be sure to have some vents or crack a window some, just for reassurance. I've been using the BB heater for a few years now, and have yet to have a problem. Also just make sure all the connections are tight and seated well.
  3. I fillet similar to CNCMike. I stop before the tail and flip over to do the otherside. By doing this it allows a similar feeling cut on both sides.
  4. have fun cleaning out those holes!
  5. I also have the weedline, but havn't made it on the ice yet. Just a few questions for you..... Were you using a camera to see when the fish take the bait? If not, did you notice the added weight had an effect of the sensibility of the rod when they take the bait or not? Thanks
  6. I was checking these out at the show, they seemed to light up all the jigs real good and much faster than the typical lights. But i already spent my budget that day.
  7. I looked at them, but spent my budget to even consider picking it up. They claim that the quality of viewing will increase quite a bit. It's funny, the light alone is illegal in MN, but if you mount it to the camera then it is fine.
  8. I tried a couple batchs use the jerky gun method. Most seasoning packets that i looked at said to add water with the cure and seasoning. Instead of just water, i added worshteshire, liquid smoke, or any of you other liquid marinades to equal the required liquid needed for the recipe. It turned out pretty good, but i still prefer the sliced jerky over the jerky gun strips.
  9. I picked up a 5 pack of the SOS at the show and got the weedline for free. I've been eyeing them down for a while, and decided to get them because it was only $60. Earlier in this thread, there was talk of ensuring the holes don't freeze over otherwise it will be fun to get these out. Just wondering if anyone has taken one of those round insulated tipups(or something similiar) and attached the reel weeds to them. This would ensure that the line stays in the center and it insulates the hole from freezing over to quickly. Any thoughts or experience?
  10. I got the LX-5 last year and love it. Grew up with vex's but wanted to try something different. If you work together you can get rid of any interference by the bigger vex and marcum. Last year, we had my lx-5, one had fl-20, and two had fl18(it was a big house and we were all jigging). Everyone was able to get a clear screen, but i had a few more clearer channels than others.
  11. Does anybody know what the regulations are for having game feeders in Minnesota? The reason I ask, a neighbor of our hunting property has purchased a feeder last year and has placed it out on an island a few houndred yards south of our property line. He has it running all year round, even during the deer season and claimed he was going through a few hundred pounds each week the last month. He has shot his few deer for the year near the feeder. The biggest frustion is that the deer population on our property seems to be the lowest we have had. I am just wondering what the regulations are, since it was the topic of the weekend at the cabin.
  12. park rapids.... heading out in just under 24 hours!
  13. He has been in business for over 25 years. It is family owned and just about completely family run. Almost everyone that works there is related. Just recently, He has added onto the shop, more freezer and storage, so he can handle a lot. Greg is open M-F 8-5:30, Sat 8-3, and closed on Sundays. ( Note from Admin,please read forum policy before posting again, Thank-You )
  14. I also highly recommend Greg's Meats. If you do a search online for "greg's meats" he comes up near the top(at least for me). Great service, freindly, competitive pricing. Numerous award winning recipes.
  15. Up until last year, I have hunted the area for almost ten years, and dad and uncle have been up there for over 25 years, (but now we are hunting in Park Rapids). We always stayed at the Squirrel Cage Motel right in Willow River, but hunted closer to finlayson(somewhat the same terrain) Deer population is pretty good, we never pulled out anything huge, but had many decent 14 pt, 10 pt, and numerous 8 pointers. There are quite a few hunters in the area, but you should still have a great season. One tip for sure, stop in to the Squirrel Cage in Willow River Saturday night for the rib dinner. EXCELLENT!
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