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  1. How are you guys hauling your 20lb tanks? I hate hauling mine in the Otter. Beats the dump out of everything. Thinking of mounting a milk crate to my ATV and putting it in there. Then I would just need to run the 12' hose from the atv etc. anybody have pics of how they mount their tanks to an atv?
  2. Yeah, it's time for a new battery.
  3. I had a chance to get my hands on one of the propane units up at Scheels yesterday. First impressions: The thing is noticeably heavy and that was without the propane tank attached. I compared back and forth with the comparable 4-stroke unit from strikemaster the strikelite 2. It was not even a close comparison. For $50 more you could have the strikelite 2 and not have to mix gas plus it’s at least 2 lbs lighter maybe even more. I’d like to get them both on a scale to see the true weight difference once loaded with gas and a propane tank on the jiffy. I couldn’t imaging trudging through the snow carrying the jiffy pro 4. Needless to say I was a little disappointed with the weight of the unit. Maybe if Jiffy changed their handles up and went to a lighter handle this would help. The other thing I do not like is the amount of 1lb canisters that will be polluting our land and landfills. We have a ton of that already with the heaters today, this just adds more. I know this unit is trying to push no smell/less noise and environmentally friendly emissions however it ends up causing more garbage that we do not need. Cost comparison between the 1lb cylinders vs. 1lb of gas is almost a wash. The 1lb cyl run anywhere from $2.65 - $3 and gas is around $2.60. So really I don’t see an advantage either way there other than the amount of holes you can drill but without any experience with that I cannot say. I guess I was left a little disappointed in the Pro 4. Great idea in theory, but just not in practicality. I see this being a good auger for permanent houses but not a run and gun guy. Go check out the unit for yourself and make your own decisions. This was just my .02 for whatever it’s worth.
  4. Tough to beat Lake of the Woods for Lakers. Sioux Narrows area. This would be for lakers. If you want to hear your drag scream... Lakers through the ice is what you are looking for. Best fighting fish I have caught through the ice. You will love it. I realize this isn't in the Midwest but it's definatley a destination worth the drive. Someone else will have to chime in on the other species, but I'm guessing you would need to go further north for them.
  5. These should add for some good entertainment on the ice this year, with guys trying to chase down their shack as it get blown down the lake. I like the price tag and the weight, but moving around would be a pain on windy days just for the fact you would have to ancor it down every time you move. The days where it's not windy and you don't have to ancor it down it would be good.
  6. What kind of maintenance is required for the tracks? How often do they need to have work done on them?
  7. What about the Mattracks, do they go on and off quickly? I wouldn't imagine swapping them on and off a whole lot, but more curious if I could install them myself. Thanks again guys. Those are the types of machines I think would be great for some back country laker action in NW Ontario!
  8. Thanks for the photos and responses. Those machines look great! How easy are the prospector tracks to put on and off. Can you easily switch between the tracks and tires? Is a rookie like myself able to do it? Thanks again!
  9. 4X4 all the way. I have a sportsman 500 and love it. I don't bother with the chains. I have pretty aggessive tires for the snow and glare ice isn't an issue pulling my Magnum Otter loaded with goodies. Go with the 4X4 you won't be disapointed.
  10. Just wondering who has them and if they like them. Also, about how much do they cost? I've been debating getting some for my atv, but have also been thinking about getting a snowmobile. I like the idea of not having to maintain two machines. Thanks for any comments. If you have other track systems thay you like I would love to hear about them. Thanks!
  11. I think it's about time for the Ice fishing forum to move to the top of the list. I see 81 people viewing the Ice fishing forum compared to 15 in open water. I think the cooler weather has put everyone in the mood for some ice.
  12. Something Fishy, If you don't mind me asking, who do you rent your shacks from? I'd like to rent an Ice Castle sometime. Thanks!
  13. I second the plexy glass idea. You could order a window in the size you are looking for, but it will cost you. You might also want to check out a camper dealer for windows. Nate
  14. Goody, Trust me, I've already done the ice dance for the gods. I just hate getting my hopes up, only to have them destroyed by a 70 degree day. When are you thinking about heading to boji?
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